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Best Western Hotel, Bulkington, Coventry

on 3rd February 2024



Judge – Vivien Philips


Best Puppy Male

Graythor Augustus at Rothenborg – Mrs J E Cowper

Best Puppy Female

Seasara Infinity – Ms S Mc Mahon


Puppy of the Year

Graythor Augustus at Rothenborg – Mrs J E Cowper


Best Special Yearling Male

Graythor Augustus at Rothenborg – Mrs J E Cowper

Best Special Yearling Female

Ch. Whittimere Alright Bab JW – Ms N D Callow & Mrs C David


Special Yearling of the Year

Graythor Augustus at Rothenborg – Mrs J E Cowper


Veteran of the Year Male over 7 yrs and under 10 yrs

Ch Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilcaro JW – Ms K & Mrs H Tress

Best Veteran over 10yrs Female

Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights (ShCH) – Mr B & Mrs L Middleton


Best Special Beginners Male

Norvin Orkla – Mr N Cuss

Best Special Beginners Female

Bowerhinton Baroness of Torloisl – Ms S Young


Best Special Beginner Of The Year

Norvin Orkla – Mr N Cuss


Stud Book Challenge Male

Seasara High Flyer – Ms S McMahon

Stud Book Challenge Female

Treskha Tanqueray - Ms K & Mr A & Mrs H Tress


Stud Book Challenge Winner

Treskha Tanqueray – Ms K & Mr A & Mrs H Tress




Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg – Mrs J E Cowper


Am Ch Kamgaard Klementina – Ms S Simmonds & Ms M Mott


Contest of Champions Winner

Am Ch Kamgaard Klementina – Ms S Simmonds & Ms M Mott


Youngest Puppy at the Show

Norvin Krakjen – Mr N Cuss

Critique from our Judge - Vivien Phillips


I was delighted  to be asked as a replacement judge for this event which was held at the Best Western Hall Hotel, nr Coventry.  A very good venue for this occasion and a delicious lunch as well.  I apologise if my report is a little short as I was not aware a report would be required, and my notes are handwritten rather than the use of a Dictaphone.  Thank you to my wonderful steward who guided me through the system on the day.  This idea was instigated by my dear friend Robert Greaves, so it was very poignant on the day



The first couples to judge were Puppies who were 6 to 15 months.  The first was Cowper’s Graythor Augustus at Rothenborg, a lovely upstanding young male of 13 months.  He already has 3 CCs under his belt, and I am sure more will be coming soon.  Lovely head, wedge shaped with high set and very mobile ears.  Alert expression.  Strong neck into well laid shoulders.  Correct ribbing with a compact body and square outline.  Moved with phenomenal drive.  Best puppy and in the next class Best Special Yearling as well.  I will watch his career with interest.

Mc Mahon’s Seasara Infinity.  This young bitch of 10 months was not that keen having her mouth checked, which I found with many younger contestants.  The last thing I wanted was to upset her, so we left it.  She had a good head and eye and mobile ears.  She was well ribbed and had a good front and feet.  A little slack in topline, but that should improve with maturity.  Moved well when settled.



The winner was Graythor Augustus at Rothenborg.  The bitch, Callow’s Ch Whittimere Alright Bab JW was 24 months, I have judged her before as a Junior and she has a lovely head and eye.  Good ears and neck. Well ribbed with a compact body and good front and rear.  She moved very well.  To be picky I would prefer a tad more bone throughout.  She has had a very successful career which I am sure will continue.  A lovely type.



TRESS’ Ch Grasilva Little Rock ave Gilkaro JW.  A super example of the breed and very sound and fit, especially for his age.  Good head with excellent carriage.  Mobile pointed ears.  Very good front, feet and ribbing.  Compact and a credit to his owner at 8 years. Best Veteran.



Middleton’s Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights (ShCm)  A lovely 10 year old bitch, much of the same applies.  She has a super head and good ears and head carriage.  She just lost out on movement against her younger rival.



Young’s Bowerhinton Baroness of Torloisk, 16 month old bitch with a good head and eye.  Correct pointed mobile ears.  She is well made with nice feet and ribbing.  Moved well but a little slack in topline.


Cuss’ Norvin Orkla, a 2 year old dog.  Good ears, some wrinkle on head.  He was unsettled so hard to go over him.  Well ribbed.  He has good feet.  Rather narrow in fore chest.  Moved OK.



Tress’ Treskha Tanqueray.  A 3 year old bitch of very nice type.  She has 2 CCs so let’s hope her title comes soon.  Lovely head and eye.  Alert Expression.  Good ears.  Correct front and compact in body.  Very strong in hindquarters which helped her drive round the ring.  

McMahon’s Seasara High Flyer.  This 2 year old dog had a good head and correct ears.  Strong neck and well ribbed.  He is sufficiently angulated in quarters.  He moved well when not hopping at times.



There were some lovely examples of the breed here, and the competition was tight.  My overall winner though was a bitch who ticked all the boxes of what I look for in a Norwegian Elkhound bitch.  Simmonds & Mott’s Am/Ch Kamgaard Klementina. She had been BIS at the Club Open show but will be campaigned more this year I understand and I am sure she will gain her UK title soon.


Cowper’s Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg.  This 4 year old upstanding male, took my eye as he strode round the ring.  A well-made dog throughout with correct wedge shaped head.  Lovely head carriage and compact body with a good outline.  At his age he is at full maturity, and I am sure will have a good career going forward this year.


I enjoyed the day very much and thank the Exhibitors for  the wonderful sporting atmosphere in accepting my decisions.


Vivien Phillips

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