KC Health Coordinators Report


The last year has been a great landmark in the history of Health in the Norwegian Elkhound in the UK.  Our grateful thanks once again must go to Barbara Barganska for the efficient and excellent way she has recorded the results from tested dogs and made it much easier for us to follow.  Please continue to send in your test results so that Barbara can update.


By keeping check of these records we can see which lines we care to use, and identify which dogs are hereditary clear, tested clear or carrier.  This recorded information is vital for our future breeding programmes and it’s lovely to see results coming in from abroad also, which gives us a much wider vision of results.


Studying these records, and looking around at the Norwegian Elkhound population, I personally feel we are in a very good and healthy place, we are very lucky in the UK as we can produce some of the best and healthiest specimens in the world.


I have not had any of the Breed Health Forms completed and returned for quite some time so I am hoping this is a good sign.  Please let me have all information on the health of your dog where possible.  The loss of our most of our Elkhounds this last twelve months has been from either various age related illnesses and cancers, or just old age.


Jill E Cowper

Breed Health Coordinator