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Hello and welcome to the website of the NECGB where you can find information about the breed plus helpful tips and photos that will hopefully encourage you to look seriously at this beautiful breed as a potential family member.

But first a word of warning...................ONE Elkhound is never enough!

The National dog of Norway, the Norwegian Elkhound is in fact a misnomer. The correct translation of its name from the Norwegian should be Norwegian Moose dog grey. In its native country the Elkhound is used to track Moose not Elk and to hold it at bay by barking and dancing around it until the hunter gets there.  While they are still widely used for hunting in Norway, that obviously can’t happen here but they still retain that hunting instinct.  


A very healthy breed, they make wonderful family pets being very sociable and relatively easy to train.


They have a profuse, dense waterproof coat, eminently cuddly and easy to groom which has only one drawback.  They moult - heavily!  Once a year for males and twice a year for females.  Make sure you can live with hair if you are considering one.  Also, unless trained from a young age, they can be barkers because that is their purpose when hunting. This is easily prevented and they make devoted, loving family members equally as happy lying in the comfiest chair by the fire as trekking for miles in the country over rough terrain.

I’m called a Norwegian Elkhound

A dog that has oodles of hair

That certainly will fill your vacuum

And cover the seat of your chair.


I’m an exceptionally loving creature
Who would love to be with you all day

To go for long walks in the country

And find lots of reasons to play.


In my country of origin. Norway

My relations still hunt for moose

But I’m happy to walk in the fields or a park

 Finding mice when I go running loose.


I’m equally happy curled up in your chair

Or lying in front of the fire

To stay with my family,

Be petted and groomed

Is all that I really desire.

Diana Hudson

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The Main Objectives of the Club are to:

  • Promote and encourage the breeding of pure Norwegian Elkhounds

  • Define precisely a description of the true type

  • Urge the adoption of a standard type on Breeders, Exhibitors, Judges and others as the only recognised and unvarying standard by which the breed should be judged

  • Support shows by financial guarantees, by providing or recommending judges and disseminating information

  • Advance interest in the breed at home and abroad.

Our Record Breaking Elkhounds

Current Female Elkhound Winning Record Holder

Champion Ravenstone Hattie otherwise know as 'Heidi'



44 CC's

27 res CC's

BIS All Breeds Three Counties Ch Show 1982.

Hound Group winner Birmingham National 1986

Res Hound Group Border Union 1982

Res BIS Norwegian Elkhound Club of GB Ch Show1981

Res BIS Elkhound Association of Scotland Ch Show 1981

BIS Elkhound Association of Scotland Ch Show 1982

Res BIS Elkhound Association of Scotland Ch Show 1987

Finalist Contest of Champions 1982

Current Male Elkhound Winning Record Holder

Champion Kestos I Spy at Graythor JW and Sc CM otherwise know as 'Kris'



66 CC's

28 RCC's



28 BOB AT CH SHOWS WITH NO CC'S making a total of 79 B.O.B. at championship shows.

B.I.S. at Hound Association of Scotland Championship Show

Reserve B.I.S at SKC

Reserve BIS at Hound Association 


B.I.S. at Norwegian Elkhound association of Scotland Championship Show 3 times

Best in Show at NECGB Championship Show

Winner of Contest of Champions 2009

Top Winning UK Hound 2009

B.O.B at Crufts 5 times

2006  Hound Group 1 

2007  Hound Group 3   

2008  Hound Group 3   

2013  Hound Group 4 

Represented the breed at the Contest of Champions Final at the age of 10.

Top winning UK Elkhound 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 

He has also secured many Best Veteran Classes.

The Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain all images ©

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