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My Summary on the Preshow discussion – Jill E Cowper


This was very poorly attended regardless of the publicity it was given prior to the show.

On watching the judging during the day, I thought presentation and handling of some of the exhibits was not good, and a large percentage of the exhibitors would benefit from a few of the tips below.

These are just a few points we went through on preparation for the show ring;


It is important to check the following before exhibiting any dog at a show,

  • Make sure your dog is in a fit and healthy condition, eyes and ears must be clean, teeth should be clean and full dentition present.

  • Make sure your dog is bodily clean and well groomed.  Nails short.

  • Practice your show ring training before you enter your class.

  • Your personal presentation should also be clean and tidy and well groomed.

  • You should always portray a pleasant and happy disposition along with your dog.


  • Always practice your movement at home or try to attend a Training Club/Ring Craft classes.

  • Choose and use the correct show collar and lead which suits both your dog and yourself, keep this only for showing.

  • It does not look professional to use your knee or leg to move the position of your dog.

  • Always use your body weight and balance to move him/her around, or even your hand.

  • Always keep your eye on the judge, they are still looking and comparing.

  • Don’t have your lead tight or your dog too close.  You are showing your dog off to the judge, not doing obedience.  Let him see the dog, not your legs.

  • If moving in a circle, triangle or asked to do a return run, always change hands so that the judge sees the dog and not your legs.


  • Always be polite to the Judge and the Stewards.

  • Good Morning or Good Afternoon are acceptable, do not try and have a conversation unless you are spoken to.

  • Never scold your dog in the ring, or pull him/her around, this is not acceptable in public view.

  • Always give yourself plenty of room to show your dog, if you feel squashed up, then you may move to an open space.

  • Never run up the back of the dog in front of you, if the class is running together.  Give yourself plenty of room before setting off.

  • Always thank the Stewards and the Judge if you’re placed or not.  You may not always agree with their decision, accept it, be a good sport, there’s always another show.


Manning the stand at Discover Dogs is not just about the petting and cuddling of our dogs, it's not just about the sales of puppies or having a lovely day out, although that does make it more enjoyable for us all.  To promote our lovely breed, we need to be able to speak to the public about their wonderful and interesting history, and the capabilities of the Elkhound, as it is one of the most versatile, friendly and obedient dogs you can own, if understood, and basic training put into play. As well as being a devoted family pet dog, the emphasis must be placed on the fact, that it is a hunting/scenting dog, therefore they may encounter problems if out in the open countryside, and off the lead, if basic obedience training is not given. All the information you need is on the posters on the stand, including their good health record and what we need to test for.

As usual, Crufts begins on Wednesday evening when Britt and I rush home from work, load the car and fight our way up to the NEC in rush hour.  Once there we can make a start on the stand.  We chose this year to make a feature of a selected picture sent in from the members, that we both thought that the public would like, and shows a good Elkhound totally relaxed.  We never know who the dogs are so it's a lovely surprise for the owner/breeder if they see it on display.  Everything went very well and we were happy with our final result.  Lots of pamphlets, three fold information sheets, breeders lists and membership forms were laid in readiness for the onset on Thursday morning, including lots of stickers for the children, which of course they all love.

Treena Maun came to help Britt and I on Thursday morning and brought Freddie and Nerys. Not a busy day but just ticking over nicely.  Friday, Kai, one of Treena's owners brought his dog along and we took Kren.  They both loved every minute of the patting and cuddling so we had them out of the cage in rotation. Such a lovely way to get a youngster socialised.  Lots of interest in the breed and in the stand. Talking to the public is quite exhausting if you don't have chance for a break. We didn't manage to have lunch until quite late.  Saturday Christine and Robert brought Milo and Nushka who also enjoyed all the attention, this was a very busy day and we were quite tired at the end of it, but the dogs were brilliant throughout, but exhausted at the end. Sunday of course was our exhibiting day so Robert held the fort on DD with Milo while we were in Hall 5.  The results of the show you all know.

After judging Britt and I went back up to the DD stand and relieved Robert and Milo who could then come back down to the ring.  An extremely busy afternoon and very tiring, but lovely to show the three boys in and out of the cage, and all their rosette's.  A very good show with much interest in our stand and our breed. Lots of breeders list were given out and nearly all the literature gone, so hopefully a few more people know about the Norwegian Elkhound.

Jill Cowper

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