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Judges critiques are an important part of dog showing. To understand what judges think about your dog; and it forms part of their contract to produce one. The NECGB is keen to follow up (with the KC as necessary) on all cases where a critique hasn't been produced.... and the KC do support societies pursuing these issues.

If there are any such cases and you and fellow exhibitors have failed to find a critique, please let the NECGB know. Either by email to our secretary or "Contact Us" button.


The Breed Council Judges List for 2023 is now available here:



The Norwegian Elkhound Breed Council represents the only two Norwegian Elkhound Breed Clubs (the NECGB and Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland - (The Secretary of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland is Karen Gold, Linden Lodge, Garelochhead, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, G84 0EL) in the United Kingdom. 

Meetings of the Breed Council are held  twice  per year and each club nominates & sends three representatives to each meeting.

The Norwegian Elkhound Breed Council is responsible for establishing a consensus from among the member Breed Clubs on Judging criteria, training, qualifications and single judges list.


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