Judges critiques are an important part of dog showing. To understand what judges think about your dog; and it forms part of their contract to produce one. The NECGB is keen to follow up (with the KC as necessary) on all cases where a critique hasn't been produced.... and the KC do support societies pursuing these issues.

If there are any such cases and you and fellow exhibitors have failed to find a critique, please let the NECGB know. Either by email to our secretary or "Contact Us" button.


The Breed Council Judges List for 2022 is now available here:



The Norwegian Elkhound Breed Council represents the only two Norwegian Elkhound Breed Clubs (the NECGB and Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland - (The Secretary of the Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland is Nicola Callow, 121 Barnwell Street, Kettering, Northants, NN16 0JF.  ndcallow@outlook.com) in the United Kingdom. 

Meetings of the Breed Council are held  twice  per year and each club nominates & sends three representatives to each meeting.

The Norwegian Elkhound Breed Council is responsible for establishing a consensus from among the member Breed Clubs on Judging criteria, training, qualifications and single judges list.