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Hi all

It’s that time of year again to start writing articles for the annual Magazine/Newsletter for the NECGB but I need help.

To all secret, closet authors: -

As some know I have spinal problems and it’s getting more and more painful sitting at the computer typing things out. Could you help me or even take over doing the Magazine?

The newsletter was started to give something of interest to our members who are not interested in showing. Ideally it would be written by someone has never shown or has stopped showing who may have a good idea what would be of interest to pet owners. All you need to be able to do is type and make a page look interesting, and pester people to send you stories and adverts. You need to be a member of the NECGB and computer literate. Please contact me if you can help. I already have an offer of proof reading. Come on all you pet owners and secret writers.

Now everyone else; your input is needed.

Over the years there have been stories about importing a dog and putting them through quarantine during an outbreak of rabies; stories about tracking bears with an Elkhound, about the history of the breed, about doing other activities instead of showing; obedience, tracking, bike-joring; pieces about grooming and training. There have been poems, funny stories, articles written by the dogs themselves, crosswords. I hope they have been of interest to everyone, not just show people.

This is YOUR magazine. PLEASE contribute. Don’t think you can’t spell - it doesn’t matter. Don’t think people won’t be interested - they WILL.

What have you done during lockdowns? How have your dogs coped with having you working from home? What mischief have they got up to when you were working? How have YOU coped for that matter? Can you write a poem, create a crossword or wordsearch? Know any jokes? Have you got a new puppy? Is there anything about the breed you have always wanted to know or wished you’d known before getting one?

PLEASE send absolutely anything to me no matter how long or short.

May I also ask those who normally write area news to let me know if they are still willing to do one page.

Diana Hudson (

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