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Breed Notes
An insight to goings on in the Elkhound World written by Diana Hudson

10th January 2022

Happy New Year to everyone. May 2022 be happier, healthier and more successful than the past couple of years. I hope you and your dogs had a lovely Christmas.

The show season is just about  to get started with Boston this weekend where of course we have no classes but it’s not long until Manchester. This year we have two Club Championship shows - still playing catch-up.  There are just a few entries closing soon.

WELKS Hound day is on April 25th. The judge is Mr Ken Andrew.  Postal entries close on WEDNESDAY, 16th MARCH and online until Midnight 23rd March.  It  is worth noting that this year they have made a special announcement about filming saying: “It is a condition of all those attending the event that no filming or other form of recording may be taken or made at the venue without express written permission of the organisers. No photography or filming is permitted in breed judging rings whilst judging is actually taking place. However, judges may allow it to happen at the end of classes or after the Challenge Certificate is awarded.”  Those of us who can no longer get to shows have enjoyed occasional videos of the judging although sound must be removed before it is put online but WELKS has been very specific this year in banning any filming.

Schedules are available now for the National, hound day is May 6th.


The NECGB Ch Show will also be held in conjunction with this show on Friday May 6th.  Judges: Dogs - Mr S Piearce (Sukunimi), Bitches - Mr J Smith (Mowgli).  Referee Mrs M Deuchar.

Schedules available from Sarah Middleton, 5 Edge End Lane, Nelson, Lancs BB9 0PR e-mail:

A reminder for Crufts.  Postal entries close on Mon 10th January.  Online entries close on Mon 24th January.


With winter now settling in and temperatures dropping, several areas have already had snow so it’s probably time for a few simple reminders on keeping your dogs safe in Winter.

1. Limit Time Outside During Winter - Many of us enjoy taking our pets outside on a crisp winter day to play in the snow or go for a walk. But it’s vital not to overdo it, dogs don’t regulate their body temperatures as well as humans. Even that thick Elkie coat isn’t enough for long periods in really low temperatures no matter what the dogs may think.

2. Make sure to protect your pet from the elements when you do go out. Elkhounds certainly don’t need coats which in fact could cause overheating but if road walking where a lot of de-icer or salt has been used, remember to wash feet when they come in or pop on simple boots like PAWZ which are like thick balloons to keep road salt off their feet and also prevent slipping on ice. They are cheap and long lasting.  Even in the house, a comfortable padded or a raised pet bed can give extra warmth especially  for those getting older and arthritic.

3. Beware winter poisons - Antifreeze and de-icers are a winter hazard for cats and dogs, and can be lethal if ingested. Clean up any spills from your vehicle immediately.

4. Avoid dangerous areas - Frozen lakes and ponds are particularly dangerous, as they can crack beneath an animal’s weight.

With the shorter days in winter, you may also need to walk your pet when it’s dark outside. Make sure to stay safe by carrying a flashlight and walking in well-lit areas. It’s also crucial that you and your pet wear reflective clothing so drivers can easily spot you. Finally, always take your mobile phone with you in case of emergency.


If  your dog does happen to  get dry, cracked feet, here’s a recipe for a foot balm to help soften them:


Ingredients :  4 tablespoons of olive oil;  4 tablespoons of coconut oil;  4 tablespoons of shea butter; 8 teaspoons of beeswax.

Method:  Combine your ingredients in a pan or over a double boiler. Stir over low heat until smooth. Pour the mixture into a mould and allow to solidify. Administer as necessary to soothe your dog’s paw pads or condition them against the elements.

Diana Hudson (

20th December 2021

Less than week  to go to Christmas. I looks as if we will just about get one although Wales has just announced the closure of all pubs and Night Clubs on Boxing day. I wonder how soon the rest will follow suit. Will we be back to having shows cancelled? LKA was extremely well organised with exhibitors spread out but what about Crufts? Fingers crossed.

While I mention LKA I must  send congratulations to Tanja Mortimer on getting into the final cut for the Group. I didn’t find out until the notes had been sent last week.

There are breed classes on at Nuneaton Open show on Jan 16th. It will be held at The Sports Connexion, Leamington Road,  Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry, West Midlands CV8 3FL.  There are mixed classes for Puppy, Open and Graduate.  Judge: Miss Fiona Mycroft (Supeta).  Postal Entries Close: Monday, 20 December 2021  Online Entries Close: Monday, 3 January.

There was news from South Wales about their show later next year. They said “South Wales Kennel Association 2022:  To ensure we can comply with whatever regulations may or may not be in place in 2022 we asked the Kennel Club for permission to extend our show by one day. I am pleased to report we have been granted that permission so our show will now take place from Thursday 6th October to Sunday 9th October 2022. The Utility and Terrier groups will be moved to the Thursday. The four days are: Thursday October 6th - Terrier/Utility, Friday October 7th - Gundog, Saturday October 8th - Working/Pastoral, Sunday October 9th - Hound/Toy.  We look forward to welcoming you to the show. “


Now I have a little Christmas Present for you. Here are the confirmed judges so far for 2022:

11/03/22              Crufts                                                     Nicola Callow

09/04/22              Hound Association of Scotland         Christine Gilbert 

17/04/22              NECGB                                                   Annalise Haugstad

06/05/22              Birmingham National                         Pam Marston-Pollock

06/05/22              NECGB                                                   S. Piearce & J. Smith

30/05/22              Bath                                                       Mark Cocozza

30/06/22              Windsor                                                 Tim Ball

08/07/22              East of England                                    Beth Benner

16/07/22              Hound Association                              Stuart Byrne

19/08/22              Welsh KC                                               E. McKnight

16/09/22              Darlington                                             J. Robertson

07/10/22              South Wales                                         E. Newton

15/10/22              NEAS                                                     M. Montgomery

28/10/22              Midland Counties                               E. Engh


If you have success at any shows over the Christmas period  do send  the results to me so I can include them here.

Unless there’s late news, there will probably be no notes for the next two weeks  so I will take this chance to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, stress free and wonderful New Year. 

Keep safe and have a lovely time.

Diana Hudson   (    

13th December 2021

There’s just one Ch show entry closing this week and that’s Manchester for which online entries close on the 15th. Also Crufts schedules are out with some new qualifications. Read it carefully.

I’ve been told of one Open show last weekend where Elkhounds were very successful. Don’t forget to send your wins to me.  Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio went BOB at Burton on Trent and then won group 4 . The judge was Marion Sargent. Well done.

This past Saturday of course was LKA, the final show of the year. Linda managed to hand out some magazines to members but sadly a lot of people had already left. The remainder  should be in the post to all members this week.  Exhibitors were encouraged to leave as soon as their judging was completed. From photos posted online, the venue seemed to be extremely well spaced out   with everyone keeping their distance; in fact, it looked almost deserted.

It was a decent entry although there were 6 absentees but it was wonderful to see so many new names and puppies. It must be years since I saw so many entered in Minor Puppy Bitch where there were 5 and 2 more in Puppy Bitch plus a new pup in MP Dog. . Well done to all the new exhibitors. I hope you enjoyed it and are keen to continue. LKA has always been the last chance to meet up with friends, exchange Christmas cards and for members to collect their Magazine. I hope the new owners have joined the NECGB.

Main results were

Judge: Mr S Wilberg (Kanix)

BEST OF BREED : 1996 MORTIMER, Miss T Ch Laakso Dana
Dog CC : 1993 MIDDLETON, MR MRS B Graythor Rocky Mountain
Res Dog CC : 1987 MAUN, Mrs T Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio
Bitch CC : 1996 MORTIMER, Miss T Ch Laakso Dana
Res Bitch CC : 1986 MAUN, Mrs T Bowerhinton Bee Portia
Best Puppy : 1992 SOUTHALL, Mr S & Mrs F Seasara Hermione
Best Veteran : 1979 GILBERT, Mr & Mrs R Rothenborg Nanya for Balsemasi

Christmas is rapidly approaching if we are a actually allowed one this year. Do you think? I hope all your doggy advent calendars are in use and presents organised for your dogs. The best thing you can give them is extra attention and cuddles.

Keep safe.

Diana Hudson (

6th December 2021

Schedules are now out for Crufts where the judge for Elkhounds is Nicola Callow. We have no classes at Boston but entries for our first show in 2022, Manchester on Jan 20th, close online 15th Dec and by post 8th Dec.

Although Elkhounds did extremely well at the Nordic I was very upset to hear that one new exhibitor seems to have been put off showing for good.  Many of last year’s puppies have not been able to go to training classes or shows     so naturally could be overwhelmed by suddenly seeing hundreds of dogs. It’s completely understandable but I really don’t understand why, if someone is annoyed, they seem no longer able to speak to the owner but have to put in a complaint. Is it so hard to have a polite word with someone so they have a chance to deal with It?

I can remember years ago when elkhounds had a reputation for being extremely noisy at shows but that was in the days before even internet so anyone who was getting fed up with the barking would simply walk over to the benches and ask owners to quieten their dogs. We would all keep an eye on each other’s dogs when someone wanted to go shopping or to the loo and would tell them if the dogs had been a nuisance. Although the breed got quite a reputation at the time, it was quickly and easily corrected. I feel so sorry for these very young dogs in all breeds who simply couldn’t be socialised or meet lots of dogs over the past two years so they could learn how to behave. The pandemic’s been hard on people and animals. Do be nice and try to understand.

I noticed in the news this week that it will soon be compulsory for owners to have all cats microchipped ‘so they can be returned to owners more easily.’ However, when vets are not required to scan any new animal they get in, will it work? It doesn’t seem to have worked for dogs. There have been two stray dogs picked up just today in our village. Will they be identified by their chip or will rescue organisations or vets bother to scan them? One has been taken to a vet that probably will but the person who found the other is afraid of dogs and didn’t even know about microchips. She was too scared to take it in and the vet she rang and the RSPCA refused to collect it. So the beautiful adult Springer Spaniel had to wait hours in the rain for a neighbour to take it to their vet who did eventually scan it.  If a dog is stolen and eventually taken to a vet by new owners, there’s no guarantee that the vet will scan his new patient and no requirement for them to do so.

Well Christmas is getting closer and closer and your Club Magazines should be sent out soon; something to occupy you during the wet, cold dark evenings but please do also have a quick think about what foods your dogs may get into over Christmas.  I will never forget the Christmas when I had to phone the vet after one of mine got at a whole pan of fried onions off the stove. I knew onions were not safe but I had no idea how many were dangerous and nor did the vet who had to phone the poison line. Luckily the effect of onions is cumulative so whoever the culprit was, was safe. (I never did find out who stole them)


However, there is so much more around for dogs to get into at Christmas, poultry bones, chocolate and alcohol, mistletoe and holly berries and fatty foods. Even diffusers can cause neurological problems. Keep everything out of reach. One thing I had never thought of was Asthma inhalers. A strong plastic container sounds safe enough but I read last week of a case where a dog had just picked up an inhaler and his teeth had punctured the canister allowing a big puff of the contents to be released into his mouth. The dog became extremely ill and it was only a very quick thinking vet who suspected an inhaler, and saved its life.

I can end this week with some lovely news. Huge congratulations to Danni and Tom Medhurst on the birth of their beautiful new baby Zachary Branok Medhurst made his entrance to the world via emergency caesarean, weighing 6lb 8oz. There were a few problems but both baby and mum are now doing well.

Diana Hudson (

29th November 2021

I’m delighted to be able to report that Pam Mead is finally home from hospital and is recovering well. Pam said” I’m home and it feels good. I surprise myself as I can walk with less pain, showered and washed my hair this morning, under supervision, but I did it. Also managed lunch on my own. Have to go back on Friday to the outpatients clinic. I’m only just home so what more will there be to learn or say about me? I’m hoping to be able to walk even better by then.”

However, the bad news is that both Barbara Barganska and Karen Gold have their mums in hospital. Very best wishes for both oft them.

Last weekend was Discover Dogs. Wendy Threadgold who usually sets it up was worried this year that the risk of infection was too great as her husband was due another operation, so Mel Jepson stepped in to help.


NO one was able to be there on the  second day but many thanks to those who attended on the other days. Here are Wendy’s thanks and report.

“A huge & heartfelt ‘ thank you ‘ goes to the amazing team that ran Discover Dogs last weekend. Mel Jepson, Rima Sakaria, Chris Booth & Mel’s friend Fay who stepped in to man the Elkhound stand at the Excel Centre in London when circumstances prevented me from doing so.  They did a wonderful job, setting the stand up on the Friday night & working so hard all day on Sunday. The stand looked amazing.

I understand there were far fewer people there this year but more than enough to keep them busy and talk themselves hoarse and as usual there was lots of interest.  Mel took Alaska & Yukon who I understand did us proud and were great ambassadors for the breed. Those who came seemed to be enjoying being around dogs again in what was a very happy atmosphere.  Evidently Rima told Chris on the way home that she could have talked ‘ Elkhound ‘ for another 7 hours.  Really Rima, you’ve shot yourself in the foot, you’re top of my list for next year. 

Discover Dogs is an amazing event loved by us all but it is exhausting work and I’m sure I speak for us all in saying a massive ‘ thank you ‘. It was very much appreciated giving up your precious weekend, particularly at such short notice and in these difficult times. I hope you all stayed safe.

See you there next year

Wendy Threadgold”

The event really does promote the  breed; some years the crowd has been 14 deep around the stand. Thank you to all who help.

If you are needing a DNA test doing, Embark currently has a  $40 discount on their breeder testing DNA kit. Prices are tiered depending how many you order .  ($119 - $150)  They do the correct Glaucoma test for our breed, as well as dwarfism and Prcd-PRA, along with over 200 non elkhound specific genetic issues.


Saturday was the Nordic. Jill Cowper wrote this report online.

“Norwegian Elkhounds had a fabulous day at the Nordic today.

Having drawn a superb entry for Phil Freer he placed Kestos Rex of Rothenborg (Finn) BOB, Tanya Mortimer's Ch Laakso Dana R BOB and Barganska & King’s Brumous a New Dawn for Barbelka at just six months of age, Best Puppy, and a very confident young lady superbly handled by her new owner.

Going forward, ‘Finn’ was awarded Best in Show, Dana was Group 3 in the R BOB’s and Brumous a New Dawn won Best Puppy in Show! Congratulations to all!  

Fabulous day, fabulous company but not fabulous weather, it was freezing!!!”


What a wonderful day for the breed. 

We are into December this week and LKA draws closer. There’s a superb entry this year of 27. The Nordic also drew a great entry of 28 which is fantastic for an open show.

Keep safe everyone.

Diana Hudson (

22nd November 2021

I’m afraid there are only very short notes this week as there’s very little news.

The entry for LKA is a very nice 28 dogs.

I’m delighted to report that a very bored Pam Mead, should with luck, be allowed home this Monday. She will have carers for a while until she gets stronger but she’s managing to potter about on her second replacement knee. Take care Pam.

I’m pleased to say that pet theft will soon be a separate offence with a jail sentence of 5 years; not as high as originally thought but still good news. Previously the theft of pets was based on their value which didn’t take into account the mental anguish of families. Dogs were treated just like a stolen laptop or a car. Now it will be a completely separate crime.


There was the following announcement from South Wales about their 2022 show:

South Wales Kennel Association 2022

To ensure we can comply with whatever regulations may or may not be in place in 2022 we asked the Kennel Club for permission to extend our show by one day. I am pleased to report we have been granted that permission so our show will now take place from Thursday 6 October to Sunday 9th October 2022.

The Utility and Terrier groups will be moved to the Thursday.

The four days are:

Thursday October 6th - Terrier/Utility

Friday October 7th - Gundog

Saturday October 8th - Working/Pastoral

Sunday October 9th - Hound/Toy

We look forward to welcoming you to the show.


Now a message about an Elkhound walk:

SATURDAY, 18th DECEMBER 2021 AT 10:30am

Christmas Walk!!

Shearwater, BA12 8AE, Warminster

Christmas Elkhound walk! Bring the dogs, Christmas cheer, mince pies and mulled wine in a flask!!

A reminder to buy your Christmas cards and Calendars from the Elkhound Rescue Fund. Cards, Calendars and Jigsaws are now available from Linda Middleton. Details with prices are on   4th tab from  the  bottom- Items for Sale. Note there are two tabs with the same name. This is the lower one.


Diana Hudson (

15th November 2021

Wendy Threadgold is judging Oakengates & District CS Christmas Open show on SUNDAY, 19th DECEMBER at SHREWSBURY SPORTS VILLAGE,  Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury SY1 4RQ.

This is a new venue for this popular show. BIS will be judged by Geoff Corish. There are just 2 Elkhound Classes; Post Graduate and Open; both mixed sex classes . Go and have some Christmas fun. Postal entries closed on Monday 15th November but online entries don’t close until next Monday 22nd November.

Did you know some diffusers can poison your dog? As we approach Christmas many people like to scent their homes with diffusers.  Here are some of the more common ones that can harm your dog. Tea Tree oil can cause neurological disorders and affect the liver at the strength used in a diffuser an essential oil. Here are some more to avoid. 

Birch Bitter Almond

Cloves Garlic (Horseradish
Red or White Thyme
Tea Tree Oil



Christmas items being sold by the Elkhound Rescue Fund are now available on, click on the 4th menu item from the bottom.

There are Calendars, cards and jigsaws. Payment must be made by cheque to Linda Middleton.


Diana Hudson (

1st November 2021

For the Nordic Show on Sat 27th November, postal entries close on Mon 1st November and online entries close on Sun 7th November.  

It’s now very close to Bonfire Night and fireworks are already being set off on the streets. I have already suggested various things to help calm your dogs but I have always found that the simplest way  , especially with puppies is to completely ignore the bangs and flashes.  I’ve had the breed since 1963 and have never had a single dog scared of fireworks, I suspect because we simply don’t react ourselves. I’ve taken puppies to the door, sat them on my lap and let them watch. I’ve taken them to a vantage point in the car to watch the big, organised display. If we have had a noise startle one, we just laugh it off and get them playing to teach them it’s fun. Some have enjoyed watching the display but most, simply act as if the fireworks or thunderstorms don’t exist.

Of course, if you already have a dog that is scared, it’s likely to teach the others to also be scared. Just once we had a visiting dog that was terrified. I thought about keeping it apart from the others but then decided not to. I thought that six laid back dogs might teach it something.  After the first attempt to run away from the   noise, that dog realised the others were not reacting and gradually he also stopped. He was wary but didn’t panic. We do close the curtains and keep the TV on. One year we had a lightning strike right across the road which was so violent it rattled the windows and blew a manhole cover into the air. I almost jumped out of my skin but the dogs didn’t even blink.

However, if your dog does get startled while out on a walk, it is likely   to run off so please keep them on a lead at all times in the run up to the event, even if they are not normally on lead.

I will finish this week by wishing Pam Mead a quick and full  recovery. Pam was taken into hospital last Sunday.Not the best way to spend her Birthday. Get well soon Pam and just ask if there’s anything you need.  Roddy is being well looked after by her son Jason.

Many thanks to all contributors. The Club Magazine is ready to go to the printers and should be with all members before Christmas. Remember the Club is looking for a volunteer to take over creating the Magazine for next year.

Diana Hudson


25th October 2021

As you all know, last weekend saw two Championship Shows held at New Cumnock in Scotland by the NEAS. I posted the results but what I didn’t write about was the nightmare journey Jill Cowper endured, to and from Scotland.  I didn’t write about it because when I wrote and sent the notes late on Monday, she still wasn’t home. The problems started when she drove up the M6 nearing Sandbach where traffic was at a complete standstill while the police dealt with a very bad accident. They eventually got the standing traffic off the motorway to crawl nose to tail through the town and back onto the M6 beyond the accident, which took nearly three hours to clear. However, before she reached Dumfries, her car started losing power and, having crawled with flashers on at 30 to 40mph she realised the turbo had gone.

She set off towards the A74, only to find that the police had closed the road. The diversion took her back into Dumfries and out the other side to take the other route. Just what you don’t want with a sick car. Having phoned the B&B who were expecting her for an evening meal, she finally arrived  sometime after 8pm. The B&B managed to keep her a meal hot. Jill phoned the AA first thing Saturday morning and they confirmed it was the turbo and must not drive it any distance or speed. The next two days she limped to and from the shows and to the dinner but was told she must NOT drive any distance. They said she should ring to arrange  to get the car taken home on the Monday morning as nothing was likely to happen on a weekend.

What happened next beggars belief. She duly rang the AA at 8.30 am Monday and was told by a lady on the phone that they couldn’t do anything that day as they were very busy, then she insisted Worcestershire was out of their area so they couldn’t do anything at all. When Jill got angry and pointed out her age and on her own with two dogs, and needed to get home that day , she was then told “Oh but we won’t take any passengers because of covid.”  What was she supposed to do? Walk?

The next statement by her was that they wouldn’t take the dogs in the breakdown truck. Well that’s  pretty standard for any breakdown and Jill already knew that, and was quite happy to leave them in the car in their crates but the woman was still insisting that they wouldn’t take her either. So Jill sensibly told her that if she was forced to drive the car home against the engineer’s advice, and the engine blew up, the AA would get a bill for a new car and she would sue. Miraculously the woman suddenly discovered that they could take her and the car. A breakdown truck would arrive around 10.30am.  10.30am then became 11.45. When still nothing had arrived Liz from the B&B kindly made her a packed lunch. An ancient breakdown lorry finally arrived shortly before 2pm, not an AA transporter but subcontracted to a breakdown lorry which rattled its way down to Charnock Richard, arriving at just after 6pm when he unloaded the car and dumped it in the lorry park in the dark.


Now the AA do arrange relay for long distances so it was obvious someone else would arrive to do the second leg but the driver couldn’t tell her who or when and didn’t even ring head office to find out. By this time Jill’s phone was almost flat and a dark lorry park is a pretty scary place. The replacement lorry finally arrived at 8.30pm. What a difference; a brand-new truck, really comfortable with a helpful driver who even offered to have the dogs in his new truck even though he didn’t really want to. Jill declined; they were happy in the car that they knew. Finally after one brief stop that the driver had to make by law, she reached home at midnight and her car was unloaded. Obviously, a complaint will be made.

All breakdown cover guarantees to get you and your vehicle home; not to refuse to go so far, refuse to organise relay or to refuse to take the driver.  I strongly advise anyone who is planning a long journey with their dogs to check first with their breakdown company to find out exactly what their policy is.

When we had the caravan, we didn’t use the AA because they would not recover a caravan if the tow car breaks down. Thankfully we only ever had to be brought home once from Anglesey when they thought the clutch had gone. The first garage wouldn’t take dogs so, as it was high summer and too hot to leave them in the car on the trailer, another garage was used. We were taken home and even helped to unload the car   of dogs and a week’s worth of self-catering stuff – just as it should be.

It wasn’t just Jill who had problems. Stuart Horner was taken ill at the show and had to go to the hospital with what turned out to be an infected hand. At least 5 people told me how worried they were as he looked so ill on Sunday morning. Thankfully he’s recovering now with a course of antibiotics.

Elkhounders were certainly in the wars as I then heard from our treasurer Stuart that, despite double vaccination, he was on day 8 of a bout of Covid which has really knocked him out. Thankfully he has managed to avoid infecting Karen who has a long-awaited operation due soon and then I was told that Jannice and Tim also have Covid. I sincerely hope everyone makes a quick and full recovery.

Was there a good point to the weekend for those people? Well  yes Jill was delighted  that Finn won his first CC , Stuart Horner is recovering , Stuart Byrne is recovering, Karen hasn’t caught covid  and the shows were much enjoyed.

Take care everyone and get your jabs. This new version of covid is spreading very quickly and check your breakdown cover.

I almost missed the results for Belfast this weekend. There were only two entries. I guess the travel restrictions put off anyone else. The Irish Government as suspended all checks but the rules remain in place and spot checks can still be done.  DCC and BOB was Jerry Daly’s Whittimere No One’s Fool; BCC and Best Puppy was Theresa McKittrick’s Graythor loves the Elara. There was one absentee. The judge was Dr Ron James.


Diana Hudson (

18th October 2021

There’s just one notification of entries closing this week. LKA which is on Sat 11th December has Postal entries closing on Mon 18th October and online entries on Mon 1st November.

This weekend the two NEAS Ch Shows took place. At Saturday’s show the judge was Lorraine Bolton. Results were as follows. I hope I have owners’ names correct as they were not included.

BIS - Ch Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilkaro JW    - Tress

RBIS - Skogly’s Kamerican Vika   - Haugstad

BPIS - Graythor Loves the Elara   - McKittrick

RBPIS - Treskha Tanqueray    -Tress

BVIS - Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights ShCM     - Middleton

DCC - Ch Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilkaro JW    Tress

RDCC - Whittimere No Nonsense of Rothenborg    Cowper

BCC - Skogly’s Kamerican Vika    - Haugstad

RBCC - Treskha Just the One   - Tress


At the second Show on Sunday, the Judge was Linda Middleton. The results were:

BIS - Kestos Rex of Rothenborg    -  Cowper ( his first CC)

RBIS - Ch Grasilva Little Rock avec Gilkaro JW   - Tress

BOS - Ch Laakso Dana     - Mortimer

DCC - Kestos Rex of Rothenborg   - Cowper

RDCC - Ch Grasilva Little Rock avec Gilkaro JW   - Tress

BCC - Ch Laakso Dana  - Mortimer

RBCC - Bowerhinton Bee Portia     - Maun

BPIS - Treskha Tanqueray    - Tress


BVIS - Gilkaro Tomatin in Skogly   - Haugstad

I hope everyone got home safely. Some had massive distances to travel and I know Jill Cowper was still trying to get home on Monday with a broken-down car and the AA claiming they didn’t go so far and wouldn’t take a passenger because of Covid. What’s the point of having breakdown recovery if they won’t take you and your car all the way home? I’ve had problems in the past when Green Flag refused to take our dogs in the cab and it was far too hot to leave them in the car. Apparently, the decision is down to the individual garage used. Do check what your own company will do.


I hope everyone is prepared for the dreaded Bonfire night which is rapidly approaching. I do wish they were restricted to just the one day and only at official organised events. Those with older dogs will know how to cope but for those with puppies or their first dog, there are numerous things you can do to help them with fear. Firstly, do not react yourself. The more normal the atmosphere the better the dogs will be. Close the curtains and put the TV on and act as you normally would. Make sure they have been out to potty and for a walk before it goes dark and don’t let them out again until the noise has stopped. I’m fortunate that I have never had a dog with a fear of fireworks or thunder; maybe because we totally ignore them. Don’t be tempted to make a big fuss of your dog if it is scared; it will only make it worse and reinforce the fear. You can get a DAP diffuser to plug in from your vet which gives off calming pheromones. The vets use these themselves in their kennels to calm anxious dogs and cats. Bach Rescue remedy dropped on nose or tongue can help some or wearing a thundershirt. I used a thundershirt when Poppy went through a fear phase when she was going deaf. When you first put it on they tend to freeze and not try to move at all, but they very quickly get used to it. It worked well on Poppy who used to wear it on her walks. Alternatively, you can try an anxiety wrap. Google will tell you how to wrap one. Make sure the dog has a safe place to go to; some prefer to be under furniture like a bed and some choose to lie in a bathtub, especially for thunderstorms. Don’t try to pull them out to be with you. They will choose their own safe place. Whatever you do, if there’s the remotest chance of a rogue firework while you are walking them, do NOT let them off lead. A frightened dog will bolt.  Good luck and don’t forget next morning to check your garden for spent fireworks which can be toxic to dogs.

Don’t forget that Halloween can also upset them and with the easing of covid restrictions, there could be more callers than usual this year.. Coming face to face with someone in a scary costume or mask can terrify some dogs and even if you dress up, your dog may not realise it’s you so it’s best to put on your costume where the dog can watch you.  If you get children trick or treating at the door, keep your dogs safely away from the door, either behind a baby gate or shut in another room. If you are unfortunate enough to get a lot of callers, it can be very upsetting for the dogs to hear the doorbell repeatedly. You could also meet people in costumes on their walks and even the most placid of dogs could react in an unexpected manner. The law now requires that anyone should be able to come to your door without being frightened by a dog so it’s best to keep them well away. We have a small porch with a door, so I always shut the dogs   behind the porch door before opening the front door. It also stops them from slipping out.

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