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Crufts, Travel and Springtime Allergies  March 2023

Well, it’s only a few days before the start of Crufts so best of luck to everyone and a safe journey. Last month we had the main results of the Contest of Champions which was judged by Vanessa McHugh. This week she has written her comments and critique of the main winners in her breed notes in Our Dogs. I do urge you to read it if you can get hold of a copy. It’s excellently written and really interesting. There is very sad news from Elaine and Nev Simms who lost their Brody quite unexpectedly on March 1st. I think Brody was one of those dogs that made a lasting impression on everyone who met him; not just for his looks but for his character. He was such a gentle kind dog. Elaine wrote “Brody ,Ch Bowerhinton Broder, left us suddenly & without warning, it's been a great shock even though he was 13. He appeared in good health & had enjoyed a normal day, for that we are grateful. He was the son of Ch Bowerhinton Betterbelieveit & Ch Kestos Ispy at Graythor, two wonderful dogs who produced 4 champions in this litter, we had such a happy time showing him, he was just in his element, meeting & greeting people & other dogs, such a friendly boy & a real gentle soul, he will be missed by us all, & especially our neighbour who cared for him when we had a day out with the other boys. It was a standing joke with his wife that he appeared to spend more time 'next door' than with her, relaxing in a deckchair with his 'old mate' watching the world go by. “ Elaine and Nev, you know you have everyone’s sympathy. Even though it’s good that they don’t suffer a long illness or struggle with old age, it’s an enormous shock when they go suddenly. As everyone knows, there have been difficulties with travel to and from Northern Ireland with dogs ever since Brexit. Although the regulations had been suspended and checks were hardly ever done, I was very pleased to read last week that travellers will no longer be required to follow the EU regulations. The Kennel Club Statement said- “THE KENNEL CLUB WELCOMES THE WINDSOR FRAMEWORK AND REMOVAL OF PET TRAVEL BARRIERS BETWEEN GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND The UK’s largest organisation dedicated to dog health and welfare, The Kennel Club, has today (27 February 2023) welcomed the announcement of the Windsor Framework, which formally removes the pet travel border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland that was erected upon the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Northern Ireland Protocol introduced a legal requirement for owners moving their dogs from Great Britain to Northern Ireland to comply with EU pet travel rules. This included a mandatory rabies vaccination in order to move a dog from Great Britain into Northern Ireland, alongside expensive travel paperwork, which was required for every journey from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. While the implementation of enforcement checks was suspended indefinitely, the Windsor Framework will formally remove the legal requirements introduced by the Northern Ireland protocol regarding the transportation of dogs from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Dr Ed Hayes, Head of Public Affairs, said: “We are delighted with the announcement of the Windsor Framework and the proposed removal of the pet travel border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, that was introduced by the Northern Ireland Protocol. Ever since the significant implications of the Northern Ireland Protocol on pet travel became clear we have been lobbying the UK and Northern Irish Government to negotiate the removal of the pet travel border in the Irish Sea. The removal of these rules will ensure that it will be no more difficult for someone to travel from Edinburgh to Belfast with their dog, than it would be to travel from Manchester to the Isle of Wight.” Sadly the weather caused problems for a few people attending Crufts and some just didn’t manage to get there but there were not that many absentees. Well done to those who did make it, especially from way up in Scotland and all those who were placed. It’s many years since I saw such well filled classes that quite a few dogs were not placed. I can’t remember when I last saw 13 in an Open class. The Crufts You Tube channel covered the entire Group without the individual judging being cut as it was on TV so if you want to see at least the BOB being judged and moved you can catch up by googling Crufts 2023 day 3 to find the videos. I switched the TV off; I was sick of flyball and Otta was hoarse from joining in with the barking. Mr K Jarvinen from Finland was the judge and drew a superb entry as Scandinavian judges usually do. 11 in PG Dog, 10 in L Bitch and 13 in OB with 5s and 6s in other classes. Dog Challenge Certificate was won by Ch/Ned Ch Bowerhinton Brouhaha (Mrs T Maun) Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate winner was Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg (Mrs J E & Mrs G Cowper & Bingham) Bitch Challenge Certificate went to Treskha Tanqueray (Ms K H, Mrs H & Mr A Tress) And Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate to Treskha Just The One (Ms K H, Mrs H & Mr A Tress). Well done Helen on the two top Bitch wins. Best Puppy went to Tunturijärven The Silva Fjord Laakso (Imp Fin) NAF (Miss T & Miss B & Ms J Mortimer & Gray & Brown), an import from the judge’s homeland. And Best Veteran was Ch/ned Ch Bowerhinton Brouhaha (Mrs T Maun) He was also Best of Breed and didn’t look remotely like a veteran in the Group ring. Congratulations Treena. I have a comment from Linda Shields who had entered her first ever Crufts that I feel says it all about showing and our exhibitors: I have to say that the camaraderie within our breed is outstanding. Everyone is just so kind, helpful and supportive and as all 3 of us were new to dog showing , we needed all the help we could get. I honestly can’t thank you all enough for everything you’ve done to help us. In my eyes Norwegian Elkhounds are the best in the world and their owners/breeders aren’t half bad either.” Well done also to our treasurer Stuart Byrne who took BCC in Finnish Spitz and to Margaret Deuchar whose Buhund ‘Time’ won RCC. Many thanks also to the team who set up and manned the Discover Dogs stand which was as usual, very popular. I must finish by wishing all the best to Karen Gold’s mum. She was booked into a beautiful care home while Karen and Alan went to Crufts but had a bad fall cutting her head above her eye so she was taken to hospital. Having been patched up she was put on hospital transport and taken back to the home at midnight. The staff found her unresponsive the next morning so she was rushed back to the hospital where she spent hours on a trolley in a corridor, alone. During that time her wedding ring was stolen off her finger. It’s absolutely appalling that elderly people are treated like that. Why on earth was she discharged when she obviously wasn’t right? A few years ago we had an elderly aunt dumped back into her own freezing cold home where she lived alone, after a few weeks in hospital without any preparation, no food in the house, no carers and no heating. Karen I do hope your mum is now ok and a complaint was made about the hospital. Thanks to social media, the small world got even smaller last week with a post from the grandson of Ron Hughes who the older ones among us will remember well as Club Chairman for many years. It’s lovely to see the younger generations of those people wanting to connect with the breed again. Not long now to the Hound Association of Scotland show on April 8th; judge Sharon Rossiter. It’s held at Errol Airfield once again, near Perth. Entries closed this Sunday just gone. I was surprised to read that SKC plans to hold their two shows on the same day. What are your opinions? It certainly saves a lot of travelling even though we only now have one set of CCs but it does mean that around half of all puppies born in the year won’t be eligible until the following year. There were a few errors on Fosse Data’s Crufts Results so you may like to check again once they’ve all been corrected. Spring is coming rapidly now so vets have printed a warning of possible dangers to your dogs. Firstly Spring Cleaning - Keep cleaning products away from pets, as they can contain toxic chemicals. If you think your pet has consumed or licked a cleaning product, please call the vet for advice. There is plenty of advice online about safe, natural products that can safely be used for cleaning such as lemon juice, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. From personal experience I know that bicarb sprinkled on dry carpets and left overnight before vacuuming can remove odours and help clean them. Certain proprietary carpet deodorisers and also essential oils used in sprays or burners, have a reputation for making dogs ill or causing allergies. Remember they do lie with their faces on the carpet so they inhale cleaners or lick them off their feet . Use something that would be safe for a crawling baby. Allergies - This is also the time of year when dogs can develop allergies. They can get hayfever just like humans so if you see runny noses or eyes, contact your vet. Don’t just use a human antihistamine. Allergic skin conditions can lead to itchy, red skin, usually caused by a reaction of the immune system to allergens in a pet’s environment. Symptoms of allergic skin disease in dogs include red skin, scratching, licking and chewing, persistent ear or skin infections, hair loss and runny, red eyes or noses. Grass seeds - Grass seed injuries happen when foxtail seeds get trapped in fur and pierce the skin. Check your pet’s feet and ears regularly and look for symptoms like shaking their head and ears, licking toes, swollen paws and red lumps. It won’t be long before grass starts to grow again and flower. Grass seeds can easily migrate from where they went into the skin and can be very difficult to find. Bulbs - Many dogs love to dig up the garden, but some spring flowers and bulbs can be toxic if eaten. Keep them out of reach and get in touch with your vet if your dog consumes a flower or bulb. Daffodils are poisonous to dogs if they eat the flowers or bulbs, or if they drink water from a vase with daffodils inside. Symptoms of daffodil poisoning can include an upset stomach and vomiting, and you may also notice that your dog is very sleepy and wobbly. A dog that has been poisoned by daffodils may also have fits. Wasp and bee stings - Most stings cause mild pain and irritation, and you can try scraping out the sting (without squeezing it!) with a credit card, washing the area in water and applying ice. If your dog has a bad reaction get them to the vet immediately. Anaphylaxis is extremely dangerous and I once had a dog that had a huge seizure when she ate a bee among grass and was stung in the mouth. The Blue Cross on ,has a section on how to create a dog friendly garden. Don’t forget too that slugs and snails can carry lungworm so don’t leave toys outside.

Show dates, Insurances and Contest of Champions! February 2023

Get your Calendars out and make a note of this year’s shows: Horley & District Dog Show Society: Just to advise you and remind you that our schedule for 2023 premier open show will be available soon. Obviously we will keep you updated on this. The date is Sunday 27th August 23. We meant what we said last year, this year is our first premier show and we are scheduling classes for EVERY breed that are recognised in the UK, including import classes for every group, with puppy classes in every breed. We have our usual RBOB competition judged on the group system, and new for this year we are doing a Best Special Beginner in Show. This is also judged on the group system with winners of each AV Special Beginners group going into the main ring for best special beginner in show. More prizes, FABULOUS rosettes aplenty (and we all know that chief steward Neil loves a rosette), fantastic judges including breed specialists, Crufts group judges and champ show BIS judges. There will be more catering and the PA system issue has been addressed. We are good to go. If you can spread the word to make everyone aware that all breeds are scheduled. Would be lovely to see nice, full group rings. Some breeds are being supported by club shows and some breeds rosettes have been donated. If you would like to sponsor a breed please contact chief steward Neil Hood. It will be acknowledged in the schedule, catalogue and on the rosettes. If you would like a stall on the day can you please contact our show manager Gary on 07803 084852. If you would like to sponsor a breed or steward for us can you contact Neil on 07890 242083. On both these numbers no anonymous calls and no calls after 9pm please. So spread the word, Horley is getting bigger, better and it will be all about celebrating you, the exhibitor and your dogs.” A little closer in time (June 2023) and another for your Calendar is The Royal Cheshire Show who said: We are one of the largest Agricultural Shows in the country and hold a 2 day Premier Open Show each year. Over the last few years we have been growing the show and this year we are hoping to make it bigger and better than ever. With this in mind we have decided to classify every Kennel Club Registered Breed with, of course, Import Register classes for the appropriate Breeds. This means that we will holding classes for your breed. The show takes place at our showground near Knutsford just off the M6 Junction 19 on Tuesday 20th June (Sporting breeds) and Wednesday 21st June (Non Sporting breeds and a Junior Warrant Competition heat). Postal entries close 9th May with online closing on Fosse Data on 14th May. As our Premier Open Show is within the Agricultural Show admission to the Show On the day is £30. However, for each dog entered at £9.50 you receive an admission pass to get a person into the show free of charge (up to a maximum of 4 people). We also have an offer of 6 or more dogs for £50. NFC does not receive an admission pass. Extra admission passes can be bought with entries at £15 each. Two more shows with Classes for us (thanks Elaine) are Retford CS open show, 3 classes, Newark & Notts showground 19th March, entries close 28th Feb, on Fosse Data. The Houndshow Open Show Sunday 26th March, 3 classes, judge Mr M Ord, postal entries close 20th Feb on Higham Press. The show is at the Sports Connexion Ryton. Most importantly don’t forget Postal entries for the NECGB Golden Anniversary Ch Show close March 13th and online on March 20th on Fosse Data. What do you do about pet insurance and if you don't have it, do you have Public Liability Insurance? Several people I know set up a bank account just for their dogs but if you do that you really do also need Public Liability cover. I know someone who has decided not to do health insurance but has taken out special public liability cover for only around £6 a month. Pet Insurance can be a minefield and very expensive. You need to work out what your possible vet fees may be and ensure the policy will cover that. Lifetime cover is really the only one to consider but that also means you can’t change company if your dog has a lifelong condition because no one else will cover pre-existing conditions. If your dog hasn’t been ill or has only had a minor problem you can get quotes from others. For instance, a cyst. Treatment would be only for one specific cyst so you could argue that a different cyst is NOT the same condition. The original cyst has not come back therefore a new cyst is a new condition. A broken leg is also a one off condition but any after effects from it would not be covered. I’m not sure how you would get on with just a cyst, but it does seem to me to be a valid argument whereas the recurrence of the same cyst or something like pancreatitis would not be covered by a new company. I don’t intend to go into prices or differences between companies even though there’s one I will never recommend. Just remember, in the first two weeks of a policy you are not covered. Back in the 1980s, even though I’d had our female insured for two years, I was about 4 days late renewing it when my mum died. The dog was diagnosed with glaucoma during the following week and the company refused to pay at all claiming it was a new policy, not a renewal. Since then, I have shopped around and have been given quotes from £36 a month up to over £80 a month for the same lifetime cover. Obviously, there are some small things I wouldn’t worry about if they were not covered, like a broken toe nail which is unlikely to ever happen again but no matter what you do about medical cover, every policy I’ve had has had generous public liability insurance as part of it. If you don’t want to use pet insurance, one option mentioned above, is to set up a bank account specifically for your dog and pay into it what you would pay for insurance. The only drawback is if a huge bill comes in early on. To help with this, most vets now have their own plans which cover vaccinations, health checks and give a generous reduction in charges but they still prefer clients to have insurance so available treatment isn’t restricted just because you can’t afford it. Whatever you choose to do about health insurance, everyone must have public liability insurance. You may find that your home insurance covers your dog but do check. If your dog were to injure someone even accidentally, you could be taken to court. Modern laws even say you could be liable even if your dog barks and scares someone, grabs a letter from the postman and accidentally bites him, snaps at someone at the door; gets loose and causes an accident, breaks something in a friend’s house or has an accident on their carpet, scratches a child or knocks one over. There are hundreds of possible scenarios where your dog could be blamed. Just think how many injuries you yourself have sustained that were caused by your dogs. I can personally name a broken leg, a punctured eyeball, a herniated disc, numerous scratches from dewclaws, ruined carpets, chewed up woodwork, broken ornaments, bites when breaking up a fight. All of them accidents but if they were to happen to someone else, they could claim. These are all covered as part of your pet insurance but if you don’t have that, do make sure you have public liability insurance either as part of your house policy or as a separate item and pray you will never need it. Crufts is creeping up on us rapidly. Good luck to everyone who is going. The entry is excellent. I can barely remember when we had such a good entry but of course the judge is Mr K. Järvinen from Finland. Scandinavian judges always draw a good entry but 58 dogs making 62 entries must be a record for recent years. There are 25 males and 33 bitches. The Contest of Champions has also drawn a nice entry of 33. The show is run as a head to head knockout competition in each class and the judge remains a secret until the day. This year the judge was Vanessa McHugh. There’s a class that everyone can enter and a lovely meal before the Contest of Champions. The results were:- Champion of Champions Dog - Cowper’s Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg and Champion of Champions Bitch - Mrs J Brown’s Ch Laakso Cara Puppy D - Simms' Aftonlee Aros at Elverdal – Best Puppy Puppy B - Callow & Davis Whittemere Alright Bab Special Yearling Dog - Gold's Graythor at the Venetian with Llassah – Best Special Yearling Bitch - Mortimer’s Laakso Gunni Veteran Veteran Dog - Tress's Ch Grasilva LIttle Rock avec Gilkaro JW Veteran Bitch - Middleton's Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights Sh CM – Best Veteran Special Beginner - Mrs A Stone’s Laakso Eike no bitches Stud Book Dog – McMahon’s Seasara High flyer – Best Stud Book Bitch - Tress’s Treskha Just The One The raffle raised £155 Well done to Margaret Deuchar, show manager and to everyone who helped with the organisation. There is another Open show with Elkhound Classes for those in the South. Chichester and District show at Bognor Regis is on March 26th. Entries close Today, February 27th on Fosse Data.

Happy New Year! January 2023

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year with good health and happiness. I’m afraid for a couple of people it has started badly so best wishes to Sarah Thomas’s and Karen Gold’s mums who are both in hospital again and to Karen herself who is in a lot of pain. For the first time in my life, I have a dog that would actually open her own presents at Christmas but chose to open first, a toy rather than a very stinky salmon treat. No I haven’t changed breed! Our Club Secretary has had an email from Lichfield Canine Society about their Premier Open Show, it is on Saturday 28th January at Bingley hall, Stafford. Online entries close Thursday 12th Jan and postal on Friday 6th Jan. They only have 2 Elkhounds entered at the moment, so if you are interested and within reach, do support the classes. I thought there wouldn’t be much in the way of news this week since our first Ch show of the year isn’t until Jan 19th but I was wrong. The first shock news of the year is the disappearance of East of England Show after this year. It had been announced that the E of E Showground is to be sold and this year the show will move to Rutland Showground but after 2023 the show itself will cease to exist. I can’t remember when the last All Breed Ch Show vanished and it’s many years since Border Counties Hound lost its Ch Show status. Last week Our Dogs printed the final standings in their 2022 Top Puppy and Top dog competitions: Top Dog and 3rd equal top Hound was Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg, beaten only by the Irish Wolfhound and LH Dachshund. Top Elkhound Puppy for 2022 was Whittimere Alright Bab. She was also equal 4th top hound puppy, beaten only by the Whippet, Afghan and LH Dachshund. Very well done to both. Our Secretary was asked to publish the following announcement by the Breed Health Watch team. Dear secretary, We are writing to you as a breed club secretary, please share this information with the members of your breed club. We would like to invite you to our interactive webinar being held on Thursday 9 February 2023 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm. This will give you an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the Breed Watch. You can subscribe to this event for free. We would like to make those within the dog showing community aware of the work we are undertaking to ensure that Breed Watch is the best possible system it can be for monitoring and highlighting the importance of the health and welfare of show dogs. Further, we want to enhance and evolve Breed Watch to enable us to all work together as judges, exhibitors, show organisers and vets to ensure we protect the future of pedigree dogs and dog showing. During 2023 we will be working with members of the Dog Health Group’s Breed Standards and Conformation sub-group, which includes experienced judges, vets and exhibitors, to consider new measures to enhance and evolve Breed Watch. Consideration will be given to the following areas •What veterinary checks are required before and during shows and what Kennel Club guidance and training is required for the vets involved •What educational materials are needed to better support judges and exhibitors •What training would better support judges when recognising breed-specific health problems •How we receive health information from judges to improve upon our existing reporting and monitoring process •How we can better support breed clubs and exhibitors with access to health data from shows •How we highlight dog showing as a positive lever for change when considering health and welfare” Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Although we have no classes or CCs at Boston CH Show, two intrepid exhibitors still entered in the AVNSC Classes. Winner of the AVNSC Junior Bitch class and then best AVNSC Hound Bitch was Callow and Davis’s Whittimere Alright Bab JW. Winner of the Open Class and Best AVNSC Hound was Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio. Treena also entered Bowerhinton Bright Lady in AVNSC Open Bitch where she came 2nd. Lichfield entries have now closed but there’s another Open Show to enter. Cheltenham & Dist Open Show is on 26th February,the day after our Contest of Champions and AGM. It will be held at Stoneleigh. The judge is Wendy Threadgold. Entries close online on Fosse Data on 6th February. Don’t forget to get your entries in for the Contest. Entries to Margaret Deuchar by Feb 4th. (not to the secretary) The entry forms were in with your magazine. Also don’t forget to renew your Club membership by Feb 1st direct to the treasurer Stuart Byrne, not to the secretary. I’m looking for a volunteer to write a short news piece in the Club Magazine next Christmas covering the middle of the UK. It should cover an area from Wales, through the Midlands to Lincolnshire. You might think I’m somewhat early, but finding someone now gives them the chance to make notes of any news during the year so they don’t struggle to remember everything in a year’s time. Although significant show wins like groups and BIS should be mentioned, the news should cover events outside of showing like walks, meetings, new babies, illnesses; litters (not advertising) or losses. Last week I wrote a reminder about the NECGB Ch Show in April. I mentioned that it’s the Golden Anniversary Show for the Club and a special event but what I didn’t mention and many people probably don’t realise is that 2023 is also 100 years since an Elkhound Club was first formed in the UK in 1923. It was the start of organised planning and breeding of the breed in this country when the types of Elkhound still varied wildly. In Norway prior to 1923, travel was very difficult, and dogs were bred to others within their own small area specifically to be able to hunt in whatever terrain they were used which could be deeply forested, mountainous or even moorland so one area might prefer shorter legs or longer bodies to cope with the ground conditions. Many were a generalised spitz type combining Jamthunds and what we know as Elkhounds. Breeders in Norway worked hard to standardise the breed and it was the results of these efforts that were imported into the UK. By 1918, 203 Elkhounds were entered at Crufts and the breed was steadily improving thanks to the work of those early breeders. So, when you enter the show and celebrate the 50 years of Club Shows, don’t forget the work that was done during those 100 years to produce the beautiful breed we have now which has changed very little and is still fit to do the job they were originally bred for. The show is on Sunday April 16th at Corley Village Hall and the Judge is the highly respected Liz Cartledge. There will be a gift for each exhibitor plus cake and bubbles, a free catalogue for each exhibitor containing a 3 generation pedigree of each dog. The Robert Greaves Memorial Stakes will be judged by Rodney Price. There may be a few extra catalogues for sale at £2 each. Postal Entries Close: Monday, 13th March 2023 at 23:59 and online entries close Monday, 20th March 2023 at 23:59. Please note, postal entries and fees must be sent to the Show Manager: Sarah Middleton; 5 Edge End Lane, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 0PR : E-mail: Online entries are on Fosse Data. The Show season restarted last week with Manchester; next stop Crufts, so why not enter the Contest of Champions to get some practice in for Crufts? Remember there are classes for all; even complete beginners who have never shown a dog before. Entry forms and details were sent out with the Magazine which members should have received very shortly after Christmas if not before. NOTE: Entries must be sent to the show manager Margaret Deuchar ( ) who can also send out entry forms. Entries close very soon on February 4th. The cost per person is £30 which includes a 2 course buffet lunch and coffee. It’s £35 for non members who may enter but obviously cannot attend the AGM before the Contest. The judge remains a secret until the day. Never shown before? Now’s your chance. There will be plenty of people to help you. Haven’t yet got an Elkhound? This is the perfect place to see the breed and meet people. Everyone is very welcoming. Our breed has a reputation at shows for good showmanship, supporting each other and friendliness. At Manchester CS, Brian Middleton was in the centre of the ring and, for his DCC and BOB, he chose Elaine and Nev Simms’ Ch Seasara Earl Grey. Res DCC went to Jill Cowper and Gill Bingham’s Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg. Bitch CC was Mr Southall’s Seasara Hermione and Res BCC was Tanja Mortimer’s Laakso Helli. Best Veteran went to Gilbert’s Rothenborg Nanya for Balsemasi and Best Special Beginner was Saint’s Ravenheim's Tor Vildenvaer. It was nice to see two other Elkhound people doing well with their other breeds. Margaret and Debbie Deuchar’s Ch Rikarlo Gable JW won DCC and BOB in Buhunds and our Treasurer Stuart Byrne’s Emma won the BCC in Finnish Spitz. Our Dogs, top Stud Dog in the breed has been confirmed as Ch Bowerhinton Bellino at Dekris

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