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Breed Notes
An insight to goings on in the Elkhound World written by Diana Hudson


28th November 2022

On Sunday Dec 11th, at LKA, 25 Elkhounds have made 23 class entries.

Last weekend was the Nordic. I’m afraid I only have the three main results. BOB was Jill Cowper’s Ch Kestos Rex at Rothenborg .
Whittimere’s Alright Bab was Best Bitch, RBOB and Best Puppy. Bowerhinton Bangalore was Best Veteran. Well done everyone.


With Christmas rapidly approaching I hope everyone used Black Friday to get their dogs’ presents and advent calendars. Otta was extremely interested in a rather smelly parcel from Zooplus. Only husband to buy for now as my son will be spending the holiday in America. I think we will be doing Easter instead of Christmas. Don’t forget you can still buy cards and Elkhound Calendars from Elkhound Rescue and they still have a few of the Elkhound Jigsaw Puzzles left.

The NECGB has numerous articles available that would make lovely stocking fillers from books to jewellery, to a pretty silver salver.  Please contact Linda Middleton at for purchases and enquiries.


Maggie and Sally at Kamgaard had a very successful but rather hectic visit to their new house in Wales to arrange things for their move here next year and are now safely back in the USA. Maggie was delighted to see everything here still so green as they went home to 3 inches of snow and frozen ground.  Escaping the snow which has also already started in Sweden are Wendy and Michael Sharman who will soon be off to France for winter. Safe Journey.

I think everyone here is just dreading their utility bills. Our gas and electric just arrived and thankfully were not too bad this time but were followed immediately by the insurance for two cars. I’m looking for an alternative heat form just in case. I wish I had that Elkhound fur.  Maybe the jacket I knitted from their fur will finally be useful. If you ever think of having fur spun, trust me it’s extremely hot once knitted up ( and it moults and if it gets wet, it smells of wet dog).

There are still reports of people catching covid- my son caught it for the second time on his way to America, so do take care and stay safe.

Diana Hudson (

5th November 2022

Just one Open show this week to report on.  At Coventry Foleshill show today, Best of breed was Jacquetta's Brown’s Laakso Cara. Res BoB was Elaine Simm’s Milo, Aftonlee Aros at Elverdal & Best Puppy was Mr & Mrs Williams Bowerhinton Baggins. Elaine said it was lovely to hear about their history in the breed, going back 40 years. They have just decided to come back to showing. Good luck with your new puppy.

On Sat 17th December, there is a fabulous Christmas walk to think about for those in the Midlands.  Sophie Dangerfield wrote:
“Hi all, we thought it would be nice to have a Christmas Midlands Elkie walk at Calke Abbey (Ticknall, Derby, Derbyshire, DE73 7JF). 


Calke Abbey is a National Trust property with some beautiful walking route options:’ll meet at 11am for a lovely (hopefully dry!) walk. I think it looks like there’s a £7 per adult entry fee - I hope that’s ok with people but let me know if it’s an issue and I can look for an alternative location?  

The house will be decorated for Christmas and there are Christmas craft markets every weekend in December for those that might want to go off and explore these options without the doggos (additional charge for visiting the house applies and may be worth pre-booking).

Here’s some info about visiting with dogs:
With it being national trust there are facilities and food/drink options available. Hope to see you there! Festive attire optional.”
You can find Sophie on Facebook.

Autumn has well and truly hit now; the leaves are falling, and the weather is turning cold and wet. We had our first really hard frost the other night which of course makes all those interesting scents even stronger for our dogs. Exciting as that may be for them, this weekend certainly isn’t for many. I hope everyone got through bonfire night without incident. Hopefully with the rise in the cost of living, there were fewer fireworks this year. We’ve hardly heard any and certainly not on the streets last week. I haven’t even seen the town bonfire advertised although when I did find it was supposed to be a double event, bigger than ever before. I could do without the fireworks and use the money on care homes and road repairs.

Fireworks are the nasty part of Autumn for many, but you can cheer up your dogs with some Autumn treats.


Apples: Few things say Autumn like the taste of a crisp apple. Apples are a hydrating, high-fibre snack that even has added dental benefits. Teething pets love the crunchy texture and chewing on apples can even freshen their breath. However, be careful when giving apples.  It’s unlikely dogs would eat too many unless they gorge on windfalls, but apple seeds contain a cyanide-like substance that can prove deadly in large quantities.


Butternut Squash: While raw squash may be challenging to chew and digest, a small, cooked portion makes for a great addition to your dog or cat’s bowl. This vegetable is full of immune-boosting minerals and a hefty dose of fibre.

Cranberries: Fighting inflammation and supporting the immune system, cranberries are an antioxidant-rich snack. Add some unsweetened cranberries to your pet’s diet to supplement their daily intake of vitamins like A, B1, and C.

Pumpkin: Rich in fibre and beta carotene, this fruit is perfectly safe for dogs and cats. Many veterinarians even recommend using unsweetened pumpkin to help make new foods more acceptable to picky eaters.

Sweet Potatoes: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium are just three of the reasons to consider adding cooked, unseasoned sweet potatoes to your pet’s next meal. When preparing, make sure to cook them thoroughly. Raw potatoes include a substance called solanine that can cause intestinal blockages and other health concerns.

To avoid......

Sweets: We all know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but that’s not the only danger posed by them Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, can be deadly in almost any quantity. That’s not to mention the risks of all that fat and sugar.

Pies: Apple pie, pumpkin pie, blackcurrant pie— this time of year means plenty of seasonal desserts. Unfortunately, the added fat and sugar make these baked goods a dangerous treat for dogs and cats.

The NECGB Journal is nearing completion. It’s much later this year for various reasons; two new editors who are trying to live family lives and work while also spending months putting the Journal together. There were no volunteers at all when I had to give up so they were both “persuaded” to take on the enormous task of a double issue which was then delayed because KC was months behind publishing the Breed Record supplement which contains all the health data and lists of pups born. We are grateful for all their work.


I’m afraid the Magazine will also possibly be delayed as I’ve developed a new heart problem which is going to slow me down but you will get it as soon as I can manage. Thanks to all who have sent in articles and adverts.

If you have any Club Trophies, can you please Let Jill Cowper know so she can get on with cataloguing them all.

Diana Hudson (













31st October 2022

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone remembered to put their clocks back this weekend. The big problem now is persuading those doggy tummies to adapt and also to tell their body clocks it’s not time to wake up yet. My girl refused to let me have the extra hour this morning. I’m retired. I object to being sat on at 6am.


The dark nights are a real nuisance when walking dogs too; reflective collars or leads and light-coloured clothes are essential. Scary trick or treaters and fireworks from Diwali and soon to be Bonfire night have been a big worry for some people. Do ask your vet for advice if your dog gets really scared. There are lots of things to help calm them including a thundershirt, herbal  tablets and drops but you really need to start some of them well before the event. We don’t normally get trick or treaters but this year we got two lovely children in fantastic costumes but I’m not sure whether they were more scared at Otta’s wolf like howl or she at their painted faces. ( She could see them through the  glass porch door). I suspect they thought she was a wolf.


An unexpected   trip for me to A&E last weekend with a new heart problem ( A suspected result of the covid booster) made me completely forget about Midland Counties show where Espen Engh was judging an unusually large entry for this year. The last time he judged us was at Manchester in 2017. For his DCC and BOB he chose Treena Maun’s  Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio. Res DCC went to Tress’s Ch Grasilva Little Rock avec Gilkaro JW who was also Best Veteran.  BCC, her third and her crown went to a delighted Wendy Threadgold with Norvin Joyeux Noel. I could almost hear the applause from here. RBCC was Tress’s Treskha Just The One.

Three times in the past two weeks I’ve heard judges specifically commenting on the atmosphere round the Elkhound ring and how every single win was applauded and cheered. Not many breeds can claim that. 

Tanja Mortimer had the only puppies entered and BP went to Laakso Helli. There were quite a number of Special Beginners which is nice to see. Best Special Beginner was Linda Shields’ Ravenheim Wulfgar Lothbrok .

I’ve heard several complaints about the benching which wasn’t labelled so was very difficult to find and it was all in one long row with two aisles crossing it which doesn’t make for a very sociable show.

Many thanks to all those who have sent things in for the Magazine. I’m still waiting for 3 promised articles and 3 adverts. Could those people please get them to me as soon as possible?


Because of my latest health problem I’m afraid the Magazine will be a little later than usual as I can’t spend hours at the computer typing it up but you will get it I promise.

Diana Hudson (

17th October 2022

Apologies first of all.


In last week’s notes my brain went haywire and I said the next show would be LKA. Of course, it was NEAS this weekend just gone, followed by Midland Counties and then LKA. That’s what happens when someone tries to talk to you while you are typing!


Midland counties has drawn 33 dogs making a large entry of 42 for the judge Espen Engh. 16 dogs have made 23 entries and 17 bitches have made 19 entries.

The judge this weekend for the NEAS Ch Show was Dolores Montgomery, very well known in Finnish Spitz and a fan of Elkhounds. She had a good entry but there were quite a few absentees. For her Best of Breed, Best in Show, Bitch CC and Best Puppy (What a haul); she chose Callow and Davis’s Whittimere Alright Bab. This was her fourth CC at only around 9 months old.
Dog CC and Res Best in Show and Best Opposite sex went to an extremely delighted Karen and Alan Gold with Graythor at the Venetian with Llassah winning through from the Yearling Class.  He already has three Reserve CCs and BOB at SKC but this was his first CC.  Res BCC went to MIddletons’ Bowerhinton Be Madam’s Spy at Graythor out of the Veteran Class. She was of course also Best Veteran. A fantastic win for a girl just a couple of weeks shy of her 13th Birthday. Res DCC was Jill Cowper and Gill Bingham’s Finn, Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg. Best Dog Puppy and Res BPIS was Mortimer, Brown and Gray’s Tunturijarven the Silva Fjord Laakso. (Imp Fin).

There was, as usual an after-show dinner and on the Sunday a Breed Appreciation Day.

The Finnish Spitz Club posted some sad news this week with the passing of Rigsby, Robrt Greave’s much loved Finnish Spitz Record holder. They wrote
“Rigsby - Ch Kunniakas Look No Further at Whittimere (26.04.09 - 08.10.22)
Owned and adored by Robert Greaves, our then Club Chairman, Rigsby took the breed record at the last show Robert attended before his untimely death in 2020. The last couple of years have been spent by Rigsby ruling the house of Julia and Steve who were such very good friends of Robert’s and took on Rigsby and loved him unconditionally. He was lucky to spend his twilight years with Shar Pei girls, who he adored and shared his kitkats with. We know what a big hole he will have left in their hearts. The end of an era. But we are reassured that Rigsby and Rob will now be reunited. Sleep well Rigsby. “

Autumn has well and truly landed, certainly in this part of the world. The Rowans are laden with berries heralding perhaps a cold winter and Halloween is very close. Obviously, many people have sweets ready for trick or treaters so please do be very careful that they don’t contain xylitol and keep your dogs well away from them. That’s not to mention the risks of all that fat and sugar.

So what Autumn treats are safe for our dogs?  


Dogs love apples which are quite safe. However, apple seeds contain a cyanide like substance which is toxic in large quantities so don’t let them go mad on those windfalls. Cooked Butternut Squash can be added to your dog’s food. This vegetable is full of immune-boosting minerals and a hefty dose of fibre but it is difficult to digest raw.  Cranberries: Fighting inflammation and supporting the immune system, cranberries are an antioxidant-rich snack. You can add some unsweetened cranberries to your pet’s diet to supplement their daily intake of vitamins like A, B1, and C.  Pumpkin isn’t as popular here as it is in the USA but it is rich in fibre and beta carotene and is safe for dogs and cats. Many American vets even recommend using unsweetened pumpkin to help make new foods more palatable to picky eaters.  Finally Sweet Potatoes: contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium, just three of the reasons to consider adding cooked, unseasoned sweet potatoes to your pet’s next meal. When preparing, make sure to cook them thoroughly. Raw potatoes include a substance called solanine that can cause intestinal blockages and other health concerns.

Things to avoid are sweets, pies (too much fat and sugar) and turkey. While turkey is good for dogs it should be unseasoned, boned and skinless.

Last call for articles and adverts for the Magazine; before the end of October please.


Diana Hudson (




10th October 2022


I hope everyone is well and not getting too wet on your dog walks. On Friday here we had such torrential rain it looked as if we were standing under a waterfall. It hasn’t s topped yet and the lawn has got so long it’s impossible to find dog mess among the long grass. My gardener has tried 5 times to get here and been rained off every time, much to Otta’s disgust. She hates to “go” in long grass. It tickles.

I have just one show to report on this week. Sunday was South Wales Kennel Association’s CH Show where our judge was Editha Newton. No shows next week so unless someone send me their news, there will be no notes next week. Our next show is LKA.


Congratulations again to Jill Cowper’s and Gill Bingham’s Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg who at Builth Wells, once more won DCC and BOB.  RDCC was Treena Maun’s  Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio.
Bitch CC went to a new name to me; Mr S & Mrs F Southhall’s Seasara Hermione from the Junior class. Very Well done. 
RBCC was Treena Maun’s Ned Ch Bowerhinton Bettina.
Best Puppy once more was Nicola Callow’s and Mrs C Davis’s Whittimere Alright Bab.


It was apparently first time out for Tanja Mortimer’s new import from Finland, a male puppy called Tunturijärven The Silva Fjord Laakso owned in partnership with Miss B Gray and Ms J Brown.

A Club Newsletter was sent out by email last week. If you didn’t get one, please contact Christine Gilbert on Despite being on Committee I only found out about it today as I didn’t get mine. Check your spam or junk folders.

I have also emailed the people who kindly wrote last year’s news articles for the Magazine   but haven’t had replies from 3 of them. Is email on strike like Royal Mail?

I urgently need all articles, poems, Memorials, puzzles etc for the Magazine before the end of this month so flex those typing fingers please. I’ve had articles from Elkhound owners who are not Club members but only 3 promised from our actual Membership.


If the magazine is no longer wanted, it would be nice to let the Club know. Without your input here simply can’t be one. If you have had an amusing story to tell your friends, please tell it to everyone. You don’t need to be a professional writer. You just need funny dogs or new experiences, and we all have those. Did anything funny happen on any of the Elkie walks? Please tell us about it. If you regularly arrange walks do let everyone know.

Diana Hudson (


3rd October 2022

I’m afraid news this week is very sparse. The only CH Show was SKC at which we have no CCs and a very poor classification of just 4 mixed classes.


There were only four Elkhounds entered; perhaps just as well no more were travelling given the horrible weather the night before. At least the show was completely indoors. BOB and best dog was Karen and Alan Gold’s Graythor at the Venetian with Llassah. Our dogs filmed the show live but unfortunately the Hound Group was prejudged and the camera at such an angle where only a few breeds could be seen so there was only a brief glimpse of him in the Group. Res BD and Best Special Beginner went to Linda Shields’ Ravenheim Wulfgar Lothbrok. Best Bitch was Callow and Davis’s  Whittimere Alright Bab who was also Best Puppy. She’s having a real run of success just now as she was placed 3rd in the Hound Puppy group. This was filmed in full but unfortunately the judge placed the line up in a different place so viewers were treated to the back ends of the dogs and again over half of them couldn’t be seen at all.

In Europe, Michael and Wendy Sharman entered a show in Belgium where they came away with a new Belgian Champion Vallhund when Linn won CAC & CACIB. Their male Teddy also won CAC & CACIB so they won BOB, BOS and B Veteran between them. European shows are very up to date with results all online in minutes and a queue of people waiting to collect a printout of the judge’s critique before they leave. No waiting around for weeks for judges to write them, send them to the paper then wait weeks for the paper to print them.  Stuart Byrne’s excellent critique on the Hound show has only been printed this week but I know there are still several from much earlier in the year which still haven’t appeared.

Well, we are into October which means there are only just over 3 weeks to get your stories, poems or puzzles to me for the Magazine. This will be my last time doing it so please make it a bumper issue and send everything before the end of the month. Would all those who wrote area news last year please also get that to me by then.


Diana Hudson (




25th September 2022

Last weekend was Belfast show where traditionally there is always a very low entry and where we are due to lose the CCs but this year there was a surprise entry of 8 dogs including three Irish dogs. I hope this means the breed may start to increase again in Ireland. Theresa McKittrick had entered her Graythor bitch, Graythor Loves The Elara but there were also   Miss B Moriarty’s Glenowen All Star in JB  and  Mr K Flanagan’s  Ir Ch Mon Amie which won Best Veteran and later came 3rd in the Veteran Group. I vaguely remember Mon Amie from years back, but Glenowen All Star is a newcomer by Jerry Daly’s Whittimere No Ones Fool, who won the RDCC, out of a bitch imported from Europe.  As importing dogs from the UK is now so difficult, people in Ireland are turning towards Europe to find an Elkhound. 

Best of Breed and DCC went to Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio. Treena also won RBCC with Ned Ch Bowerhinton Bettina. However, the excitement of the day must have gone to Nicola Croxford and Mrs C Davis’s Whittimere Alright Bab who won her Third CC at only 8 months old as well as Best Puppy in breed. Obviously, she can’t have her title at that age as one CC has to be won after the age of 12 months but still a thrilling win so young. Her other two were at WKC and Darlington only last week. As well as Best Puppy in breed at Belfast, she also won Best Puppy in Show just last week at Sheringham Open Show and her photo was in last week’s paper also taking BPIS at Sutton Coldfield & DCA Limit Show.

Nicola commented on what fun those “Old Fashioned” shows used to be and how nice it was to find one. In a way it’s almost a pity she’s now won out of them. I’m obviously very “Old Fashioned” because we used to be able to enter Sanction and Limit shows a couple of times almost every week under the young and up and coming judges like Michael Boothroyd who was a real fan of Elkhounds, Lily Turner, Violet Yates, Clarence Smith and Walter Bradshaw of Redletter cairns. They were wonderful experience for new judges and a chance to judge new breeds for the more experienced judges. Just everyone took their puppies out to the little shows for experience. 

I still need articles, poems, puzzles and jokes for the Magazine ASAP please.

Diana Hudson (

19th September 2022

Last weekend was Darlington Ch Show but there was a terribly low entry for Mr J Robertson to judge; just 11 dogs present and 2 absentees. Certainly, there are fewer exhibitors but what is noticeable is that those who do enter are entering fewer dogs than they used to. A sign of the times and increasing prices?

DCC and BOB was Jill Cowper and Gill Bingham’s Ch Kestos Rex Of Rothenborg with Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio taking RDCC. These two swapped places from a couple of weeks ago.  BCC and BP went to Callow and Davis’s Whittimere  Alright Bab with Treena Maun’s World Dutch Ch Bowerhinton Bettina taking RBCC. Although it does happen, it’s quite unusual for a puppy to win a CC in such a slow maturing breed so Nicola must have been over the moon.  I’m afraid I haven’t heard whether either winner made the cut in the Hound or PuppyGroup.
There’s just one more win to report this week; this time from the USA where Maggie Mott made up "Klemmie" (K. Klementina), finishing under breeder-judge Kathy Carter ("Norelka") at Cape Cod Show, Massachusetts. She had only needed 1 more point but show entries there are also dropping  and it’s been difficult to find a show with an entry to provide points. Klemmie is the one that won a 5 point Major under Wendy Sharman when she judged recently This was the third of the all-girl litter of five to gain her title so Maggie and Sally can now bring with them a quartet of bitch Champions when they move to the UK. Their move has been held up because of delays at the Visa office just like the huge delays for passports. My son had planned a 3-month trip to the USA at the end of October without realising he needed to renew his passport and has now been told there’s a minimum 12 week wait, no fast track and “in person” appointments are all booked up and no new ones being taken.
I hope that any of our exhibitors who went to London for the Queen’s funeral didn’t freeze in the queues. Linda and Sarah Middleton went down and queued for 12 hours but said it was well worth it. Linda said “Big shout out to all police. Security handled like nothing on earth. Really pleased I could see it out.” They came home Sunday, very very tired and cold, needing a hot tub massage. It’s something they will remember all their lives. My cousin who worked for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards is helping in Windsor on crowd control, clearing and tidying flowers etc and my husband’s nephew is in the Army also working in London. I think the massive response has taken the organisers by surprise.

Can anyone who is writing something for the Magazine please let me have your copy in the next couple of weeks. So far I have just one article so there may not be a magazine. Also let me know if you want me to save space for a memorial.  

Diana Hudson (

September 15th 2022

Last week of course marked the sad passing of our wonderful Queen of 70 years. Inevitable at some point but quite shocking and sudden so soon after she was still fulfilling her duties of meeting the new Prime Minister only two-days earlier. As a 5-year-old crammed with neighbours into the only house in the village that had a TV, I watched her Coronation and now must watch her funeral.  I have a personal memory of meeting her totally unexpectedly after Windsor Show many years ago. Mum, dad and I were walking the dogs in the evening when a small lady in mac and headscarf appeared behind fencing and asked if we’d been to the show and whether we had had any success. She chatted about the dogs but it wasn’t until some corgis appeared that we suddenly realised who she was. No airs and graces, just a very normal dog lover, walking her own dogs and very genuinely interested in ours. Our sincere condolences go to her entire family on their loss of a beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. May she find rest after a lifetime of service to the Nation and, if you believe in such things, a reunion with her beloved husband.

On Thursday 8th September the KC issued a press release saying Junior Warrant requirements have been expanded.  ·


The Kennel Club Board has agreed to expand the points criteria under which Junior Warrant points can be claimed, with immediate effect.

In the case of open shows, in addition to those wins which currently qualify for one point, the following also now meet the criteria: any group placing, any puppy group placing, Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show or Reserve Best Puppy in Show where at least one other dog was competing. This will only be valid if no other Junior Warrant points have been claimed for this dog at the show.

The criteria for championship shows have also been updated so as to make it possible to claim points for both Best of Sex and Best Puppy of Sex wins.

Only one point may be claimed from any open show and this clause remains unchanged. There is also no change to the championship show points criteria.

Kathryn Mansfield, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We are very pleased to announce these amendments to the points system for the Junior Warrant title. Open shows are a very important ‘training ground’ in the UK for young dogs and so it is only right that the top awards at group and Best in Show level should count toward this award.

“In the case of championship shows, under the previous points system, dogs which had won a breed class and were unable to claim points (i.e. only one in the class) and were subsequently awarded Best of Sex (beating the correct number of dogs) or Best Puppy of Sex were still unable to claim any points unless they went on to win Best of Breed. This latest update remedies that situation.”

The updated Junior Warrant points criteria can be found at

All queries regarding the Junior Warrant award should be directed to

This past weekend was Richmond CH Show where Leila Karkas  from Finland judged Elkhounds and Finnish Spitz. She had 17 Elkhounds present and for her BCC and BOB she chose Tanja Mortimer’s Ch Laakso Dana. DCC went to Jill Cowper and Gill Bingham’s Ch Kestos Rex Of Rothenborg. RBCC was Treena Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady and RDCC went to Laura and Michael Stephenson’s Bowerhinton Bangalore at Brawdor. Best Puppy went to Callow and Davis’s Whittimere Alright Bab -who was also placed 3rd in the Puppy Hound Group   under judge Mr Kevin Young (Suncap) . Well done.

Some important shows are coming up, so don’t forget them.  We have 4 classes at the Nordic where the judge is Helen Wayman. The Nordic is far more than just a dog show. It’s a whole weekend of fun with dogs. Then next month is the NEAS Ch Show on 15th October. Entries close on September 25th. The judge is Dolores Montgomery. The following day is a breed appreciation day. There will be an after-show dinner at the “Sure by Best Western Hotel” in Lockerbie. Contact Annelise Haugstadt on for details.

Don’t forget Midland Counties entries close on the 19th of October. Espen Engh is the judge.

A little further ahead is Oakengates Christmas 85th Anniversary Show at Shrewsbury Sports Village on December 18th with 2 classes for Elkhounds judged by Fay Hutchings.

Please remember to send details of any wins or news to me. For inclusion in these notes.

Diana Hudson (


September 5th 2022

How did we get to September so quickly and officially Autumn?  What a difference a week can make.  We’ve finally had a night of rain although we still need far more and it was a chilly day for City of Birmingham on Friday where Mrs Gilliland was judging the breed without CCs. I admit that I hadn’t heard of her but have been told she’s a Hound judge whose own breed is Swedish Vallhunds and who often judges in Europe. The entry was 14 with 3 absentees and apart from Open Bitch which had 3 entries, the other classes were 1 and 2.

It was a very good day for Treena Maun who won Best Dog and BOB with Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio and also  Res Best Bitch with  Bowerhinton Bright Lady and an equally good day for Tanja Mortimer whose Ch Laakso Dana won  Best Bitch and Laakso Helli who was Best Puppy.

Reserve Best Dog went to Jill Cowper and Gill Bingham’s Ch Kestos Rex Of Rothenborg. For some reason the online entry form and the results always miss off his CH title despite numerous attempts to correct it.

Other first prize winners were Stone’s Laakso Eike in SBD and Clarke’s Graythor Cosmopolitan in PGD.

I’m sorry this week’s notes are short but I’ve been up to my ears this week with the decorator in which meant emptying numerous cupboards and a display cabinet of all my Elkhound models, glassware and crockery and another of documents and emptying my bedroom and kitchen worktops.. The decorator was puzzled  about hair in the gloss paint, so I combed Otta out in the kitchen. When I called him in, his face was a picture. He genuinely thought I must have shaved her and couldn’t understand why she didn’t look half the size she’d been that morning. I think I’m not the only one going through the biggest moult ever seen. He’d been a dog owner but had never seen anything like the pile I got out of her and really couldn’t believe it.. The decorating took a day longer than expected and I’ve also had continuing internet problems. The connection keeps dropping and the speed has been down at 6Mbps at times. We have a fault somewhere in the copper wire between the house and the pole. Naturally they haven’t yet got round to installing fibre to house here, even though the fibre box is only about 10 yards up the street. That few yards of copper wire have been replaced twice since we moved here, once hit by lightning and once just rotten. It’s been really difficult doing anything that requires me to log out like my shopping because the connection could drop at any time. I can download an email but by the time I’ve read it, the connection could vanish.

So, just in case replacing the connection boxes didn’t work and it goes again, I will wish Cathrin Saint a quick recovery from her broken hand, sustained right before Driffield and a quick recovery to Wendy Sharman and Margaret Wadsworth who have both been suffering a particularly nasty virus.

Diana Hudson (

August 29th 2022

I knew there was a reason why I delayed sending in these notes this week. What a boost for the breed!

Best In Show

Judge: Mrs Christina Chapman
BEST : EVERLEY, Mrs Amanda & HUGHES, Mr NICK - Ch Manzart Wise Guy - DOBERMANN - Dog
RESERVE : COWPER, Mrs J E & BINGHAM, Mrs Gill - Ch Kestos Rex Of Rothenborg - NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND - Dog

Ch Kestos Rex won the Hound Group under judge Robin Searle.

There have been numerous complaints online recently about the nonappearance of judges’ critiques. This has been an ongoing problem for years.  In 2015 the KC reported that they had had to write to 174 judges over missing critiques the previous year and 17 of those still failed to produce one, which resulted in a number of fines being issued.

Regulation F(1)20.d requires judges to provide written critiques on 1st and 2nd placed dogs in each breed class at all championship and open shows.

The Kennel Club will investigate any judge not submitting a critique within a reasonable amount of time following the appointment, which may result in disciplinary action by The Kennel Club’s Board.

Judges are strongly advised to keep up to date with current regulations regarding critiques which are listed in the F regulations and alongside the learning resources on The Kennel Club Academy.

The Kennel Club states 'It is not normally possible for a complaint regarding the non-submission of a critique to be made later than six months following the show concerned. This allows three months for the judge to write and publish the critique, and a further three months for any missing critiques to be reported.  You can report a judge for not doing a Critique to the Kennel Club by emailing but check with Our Dogs first to be sure they haven’t received one. Judges must send critiques to the dog press but some seem to think that just posting them online is enough.

I’m afraid I received Treena Maun’s news late. She had a great day at Thame show. With the help of Sue Clarke Freddie Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio went BOB under judge Lisa Tyler-Jackson and then on to win the group under Tim Ball Yelva (Bowerhinton Bright Lady) also won her class and fifth in a very large class in S yearling stakes.

Today is Driffield Ch Show where we no longer have CCs. I have mixed feelings about Driffield. My mum was born and lived in Driffield and we visited Gran every year and obviously went to the show when it was on the Driffield showground. It then moved to Doncaster Racecourse where we had a big upset. Mum was due to judge but was rushed into Doncaster hospital the night before and Eddie Peffer stood in for her at short notice. Doncaster wasn’t that easy to get to and parking was across a busy dual carriageway. The show is now at Wetherby racecourse; much more accessible.

Today there were just 12 entries for Mrs Diane Cook to judge.

BOB and BD was Jill Cowper’s Ch Kestos Rex of Rothenborg. Res Best Dog went to Middleton’s Graythor Rocky Mountain. Best bitch was Treena Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady with Res Best Bitch going to Gilbert’s Rothenborg Nanya for Balsemasi who was also Best Veteran. Best Puppy and best Special Beginner was Linda Shield’s Ravenheim Wulfgar Lothbrok.  Well done all on a chilly day with rain threatening.

However, everything brightened up later  when Jill and Finn won the Hound Group under Robin Searle and then went on to win an amazing  Res Best in Show under Mrs Christina Chapmen. Huge congratulations to Jill, co owner Gill Bingham and breeder Barbara Stokes.

Diana Hudson (

August 22nd 2022

Over the past two weekends, several exhibitors braved the heat on the South Coast when they entered both Paignton and Bournemouth Shows. We have no CCs and are not classified at either show so their wins were all from AVNSC Hound where Elkhounds completely dominated. At Paignton  under Mr E Paterson, McMahon’s, Seasara High Flyer won Best AVNSC dog and  overall best AVNSC Hound and Best AVNSC Hound Bitch was won by Callow, Davis’s,   Whittimere Alright Bab; Mr Southall’s Seasara Hermione won AVNSC  HOund JB and MrT  Croxford’s Whittimere No Matter What was 2nd in AVNSC Hound LB.  Whittimere Alright Bab also won AVNSC Hound PB and Best AVNSC Hound Puppy. A great day for Elkhounds.

Bournemouth where AVHNSC was judged by Mr R Newhouse was also a good show for Elkhounds because Best AVNSC Hound was again McMahon’s Seasara High Flyer. Res Best AVNSC Hound Dog was Stephenson’s Bowerhinton Bangalore at Brawdor. Best AVNSC Hound Bitch went to Callow and Davis’s Whittimere Alright Bab who was also BP and 2nd in the Hound Puppy Group.Res Best AVNSC Hound Best Bitch  went to  Tom Croxford’s Whittimere No Matter What.

I was pleased to see that Bournemouth has vehemently refuted the claims made by the National Press who said that the show should not have taken place. The report was full of inaccuracies; the photos were of other shows and no mention was made of all the protection put in place by the show management.

During the past week, Treena Maun did well at Thame Open show. She wrote “With the help of Sue Clarke Freddie Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio went BOB under judge Lisa Tyler-Jackson and then on to win the group under Tim Ball Yelva (Bowerhinton Bright Lady) also won her class and fifth in a very large class in S yearling stakes.”

Today, Sunday August 21st was WKC show where we do have CCs and had two particularly delighted exhibitors. Jill Cowper, delighted to be back in the ring for the first time  following her hip replacement took DCC and BOB with CH Kestos Rex of Rothenborg (owned by Jill and Gill Bingham)  followed by Hound Group 3 under Mr Bill Browne-Cole. Many Congratulations. Then Nicola Callow and Mrs C Davis took not only Best Puppy in breed but also a first CC for Whittimere Alright Bab. The judge was Mrs Liz McKnight.

RDCC went to Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio and  RBCC was Middleton’s Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights Sh.CM who was also Best Veteran and then went on  to win the Hound Veteran Group under Patsy Hollings.

Unfortunately there were quite a number of absentees.

Another win for an ‘adopted’ Elkhounder although not with an elkhound was BOB for Stuart (The Club Treasurer) and Karen Byrne in partnership with Angela Cavill with Finnish Spitz, Emma. ( Ch Kekkeruusin Emma Through Toveri (Imp Fin).

Some of the judges due to award CCs next year have now been announced. They are as follows:

Manchester - Mr Brian Middleton

Crufts - Kari Jarvinen

HAS - Sharon Rossiter

NECGB Ch Show - Mrs E Cartledge

Birmingham National - Mr W Croxford

SKC - Mr T Johnston

Bath  - Ms Serena Parker

East of England - Mrs Wendy Sharman (Naraena)

WKC - Mr Ron James

Darlington - Fran Hanney Mitchell

SWKA - Mr Graham Hill

NES Ch Show - Mrs Karen Gold (Llassah)

Midland Counties - Marianne Holmli

LKA - Ben Reynolds-Frost

After next year we lose 4 sets of CCs at Belfast, East of England, Hound Assoc of Scotland and Richmond.

Diana Hudson (

August 15th 2022

Calling all Spitz owners. Schedules are now available for The Nordic Show on Saturday 26th November at Ryton. Judge for Elkhounds is Miss H Wayman. Mixed classes for Puppy, Jun PG Limit and Vet with Open Dog and Open Bitch. I know November seems a long way off while we’re in the middle of a heatwave but it is one to remember for a great fun weekend.

I hope everyone is coping in this heat and drought. I’ve even heard of someone taking a shower while standing in a bucket so they could use the shower water on the garden. But sadly, I am still seeing people walking past our house with dogs in the middle of the day. I can’t get out quickly enough to catch them but I’m pleased to say a friend has pulled up in her car several times to tell people how cruel they are and point out how dangerous it is. My husband’s been taking Otta out by 8am, up onto the moors where there’s a breeze but even up there it’s only 20 minutes or so before it gets too hot for her. At least thunderstorms and rain are forecast foremost of the country on Monday although the poor souls in the South East seem to be in for a drought for even longer. If sea levels are rising as fast as is claimed, why aren’t we building more desalination plants Instead of relying on non-existent rain? I heard that one in East Anglia had been closed down because of the fuel costs to run it. The drought is now affecting crops which means even more price rises so please do save as much as you can. Even if you don’t have a garden, fit a water butt- you could use it to flush the toilet.

There’s a good entry next weekend at WKC  for Mrs Liz McKnight . 23 dogs have made 24 entries. I hope the weather has eased off by then.  I saw in today’s paper that the RSPCA is slamming Bournemouth for going ahead with the show this weekend in very high temperatures where the only shade was under marquees  which had no air flow.

All the best to Britt Cowper and Linda and Mark Middleton who all have had Covid. Get well soon.

Just in case there’s anyone reading this who isn’t too sure how to help a hot dog in this weather or how to deal with heatstroke, here are a few tips.

  • Don’t be tempted to lay a wet towel over a hot dog. Instead  give them one to lie on or get a cool mat.

  • Instead of giving them ice cubes which can shock the stomach, add ice cubes to their water dish.

  • Provide a small paddling pool to cool their feet ( the only part of a dog that sweats),

  • Encourage them to drink enough, even adding water to their food if necessary.

  • Keep fans running in the house and put up some sort of shade for when they go outside. Even a sheet tied across washing lines will help.

  • Water melon is very popular with dogs and adds moisture to their intake. Avoid ice cream. It’s too fatty for dogs.

  • Signs of overheating are trembling, panting and  lethargy.

If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, rush them to the vet immediately.

It goes without saying to NEVER EVER leave a dog in a car, even with the windows open and even if you are only popping into a shop for two minutes and don’t walk them on hot pavements or tarmac. If you can’t keep your bare feet on it, neither can dogs.

And PLEASE never be tempted to shave a double coated breed. It actually can cause heatstroke because it removes their insulation.

August 8th 2022

The NECGB Newsletter/Magazine comes out around Christmas so now is the time to be thinking of sending something for the Obituary Section where we remember the dogs we’ve lost, either recently or in the past. Prices have not risen this year. You  can do a full  A5 page Memorial with one photo for £15 or a simple  1/3 page text only box  for £5. If you want to leave payment until closer to the time and include an advert or an affix, that’s fine but please start planning your Memories now for those wonderful  dogs no longer with us and send them to  me. If you prefer to wait would you please email me  to reserve a page.

Would you also please think about writing any funny stories about your dogs. Did you take them on holiday for the first time? Have you bred your first litter; have they done anything funny. The magazine won’t write itself so please contribute - poems, crosswords, wordsearches, puzzles – all are very welcome. If you’ve  told a story to a friend or shared one on Facebook, do put it in writing and send it to me.

Diana  Hudson (

August 1st 2022

Short notes this week.

There are no CH shows this week or for a few weeks ahead unless someone enters AVNSC at Paignton or Bournemouth but there was a very prestigious Open show this weekend in the form of South Yorkshire Hound show; a lovely show that always has classes for us. BOB was Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio who was also  3rd in  BIS.  RBOB and BP was Aftonlee Aros at Elverdal owned by Elaine and Nev Simms who then won 4th in the RBOB class. The judge was Lennart Stahle from Sweden who also judged the breed. The BIS judge was Keith Pursglove.

Another  Open show coming up with classes for Elkhounds  is  Leicester Canine Society on August Bank Holiday Monday at Ryton on Dunsmore. It’s still open to enter online at Fosse Data. It clashes with Driffield but maybe some could keep the entry there as they have put them on for us for many years since it ceased to hold a Championship show at Braunstone Park.

Thankfully the worst of the heatwave has gone and here we have had extremely welcome rain for  a few days. I hope the  parched South will soon get watered and freshen things  up. I’m sure the dogs would be glad to get green grass underfoot after so long.

Please send your news and views to

Diana Hudson (

July 25th 2022

I hope everyone survived the heat last week without incident. Thank goodness it didn’t last any longer. Although we now need rain, we’ve just had a fine drizzle every day since which is probably better than a downpour and mud or thunderstorms. It certainly was hotter than I’ve experienced for many years, very dangerous for our pets. Even at night it was impossible to get the house cooled down.

I will start with a reminder about an Open Show with breed classes. South Yorkshire Hound Society are holding their open show on Saturday 30th July near Sheffield. The Norwegian Elkhound judge is Lennart Stӑhle (Shallcome) [Sweden] . 4 classes; puppy Yearling, Limit Open. Postal entries close Monday 27th June with online Sunday 10th July 2022. Schedules are on Fosse Data.


A second piece of good news is that the Seminar on breeding by Pat Trotter is finally online. The Dandie Dinmont Club of America had Pat Trotter as a speaker at their Specialty Show on June 4. The Good Breeder Center is live-streaming the presentation on their site.  They had technical problems with the recording which delayed it until now. Pat didn't want to appear on camera so it's more like a podcast.


An apology now. When I posted the Hound Show results last week I wasn’t aware that Jacquetta Brown’s Laakso Cara gained her title when she won the BCC. Congratulations.


I have news of other wins last week but this time in Belgium. Wendy Sharman made the trip from Sweden to Belgium for a show. At least there were no flights, hold ups queues at airports and lost luggage. She wrote “ A last minute entry and hasty travel bookings and WOW what a weekend we’ve had at the Golden Dog Trophy show at Marche en Famenne in Belgium.(South of Liege -Ed) Teddy, (Tridents Frodo FrenchCH & Swedish UCH-(show)-Ch is, subject to confirmation, coming home having completed both his International and Belgian titles with BOB on both days.

Not to be outdone his daughter Naraena Viking Saga has won 2 CACS and 2 CACIBS and BOS”.

Congratulations. What a weekend. I’ve seen a photo of these two and they are almost identical.

Amazingly  the show entries only closed  on July 13th . Can you imagine being able to enter a show so late in this country? There was no printed catalogue but all details were online and I would guess that there was no benching to organise which allowed for the late entries.


Malcolm Hicks posted some very interesting news on new pet laws in France which sounded very sensible to me as they finally addressed the problem of dogs being abandoned, dumped in shelters etc . They target the owners rather than the dogs. I will post the entire report in full. I’ve long said that lack of knowledge by owners is the biggest problem: where to buy a dog, what’s involved in keeping a dog (or any pet) numbers going into rescue and dog behaviour. Teach the owners and the problem mostly goes away.

“France imposes new rules to stop rash pet purchases and avoid neglect”

New owners are now required to sign a certificate or contract to show that they fully understand the responsibilities, costs, requirements and logistics of owning a pet. People who buy or adopt pets will have to sign a contract or certificate to show they understand the responsibilities, in a bid to cut impulsive buys.

By Hannah Thompson

New rules to stop impulsive pet purchases come into force in France today.

They follow the revelation that, while pets are popular - 50% of people in France own one, 100,000 animals are abandoned in the country each year.

A decree defining new rules surrounding the purchase of a pet was published today (July 20), eight months after parliament voted for a law against animal mistreatment.

France's new animal welfare law passes: What will it change for pets?

To avoid hasty purchases and ensure that prospective owners understand the responsibilities that pet ownership entails, they now need to sign a certificat d'engagement et de connaissance (certificate of commitment and awareness).

This will apply to the purchase or acquisition of a horse (for non-professional reasons), a dog or a cat, whether money is exchanged or not.

The certificate details animal needs and obligations that their owner should respect as well as the logistical and financial implications of the purchase.

A ‘welcome contract’ for foster families when pets are rehomed

In the case of pets being rehomed – including for cats, dogs, or hamsters – a contrat d'accueil (welcome contract) needs to be signed by the foster family and any shelter or association that is coordinating the placement.

Any online offers will also have to include details of the contract in a separate section of the listing, which will include details of the responsibilities owners need to understand.

Pet adverts and listings will also need to be verified.

In a statement, the Ministry of Agriculture said: “Advertisements for pets] will be subject to verification, in particular the validity of the animal's registration in the national identification file, and will bear the words 'verified advertisement' once they are checked.”

The new rules are part of the animal mistreatment law, which aims to “fight against animal abuse and strengthen the bond between animals and humans”.

It was voted for on November 20, 2021. It provides for a gradual ban on wild animals in circuses and dolphinariums, an end to the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops by 2024, better supervision of the sale of animals online, and harsher penalties for abuse or abandonment.

More of these laws will gradually come into force between October 2022 and July 2023.

100,000 pets are abandoned each year in France

It comes after a shock campaign in 2019 by animal welfare association the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis showed that more than 100,000 pets are abandoned each year in France.

At the time, Reha Hutin, president of the charity told The Connexion: “The hard truth is that 100,000 animals in France are dumped because people are unwilling to spend some time finding someone to look after their pet.

“It gets worse in summer, when 60,000 pets are dumped, just so people can head off on holiday.”

In July 2021, the government launched a €20m action plan to combat animal abandonment, which rose significantly last year in part due to the Covid lockdown, the government said.

The money is intended to help shelters – which are often at capacity – to expand and offer more support to deal with abandonment and mistreatment.

This year (2022), rescue rates in shelters have dropped by 4%, putting them under yet more pressure, as fewer people choose to adopt and more people surrender their animals to shelters due to rising costs and record inflation.

Animal suffering and welfare also became a major topic in the recent presidential election campaign.

People who abandon animals into the wild will now be punished by a prison term of three years rather than two as well as fines of up to €30,000.” Maybe the new laws will also stop online sales by puppy mills and many of the scam adverts.


Finally , Leeds Ch Show this weekend had comfortable temperatures even though it was wet. Leeds as long been one of my favourite shows; well set out in attractive surroundings and you can even watch the Red Kites circling overhead.

The judge was  Mr Colin Gillanders

His DCC and BOB was Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio with RDCC going to Elaine and Nev Simms with Ch Seasara Earl Grey.

Bitch CC was won by Linda and Brian Middleton’s Ch Graythor Gates of the Artic

And RBCC went to Treena again with Bowerhinton Bee Portia. Best Veteran was

Gilbert’s Rothenborg Nanya for Balsemasi and Best Special Beginner went to Donna Preston and James Launder with  Skogly's Sf Lorelei.

Well done to everyone.

Diana Hudson (

July 18th 2022

I wrote last week’s breed notes in a bit of a rush so when I copied the results for East of England, I really didn’t think about them until much later this week when something just rang a bell.  So I looked back through my notes from previous years and discovered that East of England is certainly a lucky show for Jackie Hodkinson and Laakso Brokki. In my notes for 2018 it says that on Jul 9th, at East of England Show, Best puppy in breed, handled by Helen Tress, was Jackie and Alan Hodkinson & Tanja  Mortimer’s Laakso Brokki. Four years later,  Brokki won BOB. Quite a result.

Last week, one of our new exhibitors, Linda Shields entered Ravenheim Wulfgar Lothbrok at Greenock & District open show on 9th July where they came 3rd in AV Hound special puppy then won AVNSC Open and finished up winning Hound Group 4. The judge was Russell Mosedale (Knightsbay).

I had a lovely chat to her online about what it’s like just starting out showing; feeling as if you need 6 arms and two sets of eyes, not being sure when your class is called. It’s very different from showing her horses but she’s been so pleased by everyone’s help and friendliness. Helping and welcoming new exhibitors and applauding their wins is something our breed has long been known for and widely noticed. I remember watching another breed judging at Leeds some years ago and being struck by the fact that not one exhibitor sat and watched their judging or clapped when BOB was announced. When I asked where everyone was the reply was “Oh we’re not like Elkhound people”. What a lovely reputation we have. Long may it remain so.

I hope you are all coping with this incredible heatwave. Older dogs can really struggle in the heat, and no one is walking dogs until late evening. Don’t be tempted to lay a wet towel over a hot dog. Instead, give them one to lie on. Instead of giving them ice cubes which can shock the stomach, add ice cubes to their water dish. Provide a small paddling pool to cool their feet (the only part of a dog that sweats), encourage them to drink enough, even adding water to their food if necessary, keep fans running in the house and put up some sort of shade for when they go outside. Even a sheet tied across washing lines will help. Water melon is very popular with dogs and adds moisture to their intake. Avoid ice cream. It’s too fatty for dogs. Signs of overheating are trembling, panting and lethargy. If you suspect your dog is suffering from heatstroke, rush them to the vet immediately.  It goes without saying to NEVER EVER leave a dog in a car, even with the windows open and even if you are only popping into a shop for two minutes and don’t walk them on hot pavements or tarmac. If you can’t keep your bare feet on it, neither can dogs.

And PLEASE never be tempted to shave a double coated breed. I’ve seen several people asking online whether they should shave their dog. It actually can cause heatstroke because it removes their insulation. Unlike 1976 when the heat continued for 10 weeks with water shortages and standpipes on the streets with water rationed to set hours of the day, the forecast suggests that this one should be over by the middle of next week. Until then, stay safe.

It is suggested that you keep windows closed to keep the hot air out but we’ve had windows wide open on the side of the house that doesn’t get the sun so the quite strong breezes can blow through. That worked on Friday night when it cooled down a lot after around 9 pm and we were actually chilly but Saturday night, nothing helped. Otta kept me awake pacing around the bedroom until 4am even with the windows wide open and I had to go down and get her cool mat. Within seconds she was flat out and fast asleep. Now I want a cool mat for my bed too. Another good idea is to place a frozen bottle of water in front of your fan to cool the air it blows around, otherwise you are just recirculating hot air.

The Hound Show had taken all precautions to keep dogs cool and space had been allowed for gazebos although remember, without a through air flow, they can also get very hot. Benching and judging was available indoors if necessary and anyone leaving dogs in a car even while they set up would be removed from the show. 35 Elkhounds made 36 entries for the Hound Show with two more entries for the NECGB Open show. The order of judging said we were 3rd in ring 14 followed by our Club Open show so the Hound show judging was at the  hottest part of the  day. The Open show was moved indoors. Everyone I spoke to   that evening was absolutely exhausted as were their dogs. It’s to be even hotter Monday and Tuesday so do take care.

The Hound Show first, was judged by the NECGB’s treasurer Stuart Byrne. For his BOB and DCC he chose Elaine and Nev Simms’ Ch Seasara Earl Grey. Elaine had to withdraw him from the Open dog class at the Open show as it clashed with the Group at the Hound show. She certainly had a super day as their puppy Milo; Aftonlee Aros at Elverdal also went Best Puppy in breed and was shortlisted in  the  Puppy Group by  the Norwegian judge but by 9pm Elaine said “he's had enough as had all the pups but we made it,now flagged out on the kitchen tiles.”

Res DCC was Treena Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio.  Jacquetta Brown’s Laakso Cara took BCC with Tanja Mortimer’s Ch Laakso Dana taking RBCC. Another good day for Laakso breeding as best Special beginner was also a Laakso, Mrs A Stone’s Laakso Eike. Best Veteran was Tress’s Ch Grasliva Little Rock avec Gilkaro JW.

Sadly, Jill Cowper didn’t manage to get there as she’d hoped as she is still having problems after her hip replacement but the swelling is thankfully slowly going down. At least one person decided not to stay on for the Open Show as the heat was just too much for the puppies.

The judge for the NECGB Open show was Mr Keith Pursglove (Roguesmoor). His Best Dog, BOB and BIS was the Middletons’ Graythor Rocky Mountain with Res Best Dog going to Jackie and Alan Hodkinson and Tanja Mortimer’s  Laakso Brokki. Best Bitch and BOS was Treena Maun’s Ned CH Bowerhinton Bettina and Res Best Bitch went to Cathrin Saint’s Barbelka Call me Cryptic for Ravenheim, ably handled by Jacquetta Brown. This time, although the Simms’ puppy, Aftonlee Aros at Elverdal won Best Puppy dog, it was Tanja Mortimer’s new pup, Laakso Helli that took Best Puppy in Show. Once again, Best veteran was Tress’s Ch Grasliva Little Rock avec Gilkaro JW.

We have one other person celebrating a new puppy in the form of Wendy Threadgold who is the proud owner of a Kamgaard youngster, Amelia; Kamgaard Kome Fly with me, who, after many delays and difficulties finally arrived last weekend with Sally Simmonds. At her first show in the USA at the Regional show judged by Wendy Sharman in May, at just  6 months old she was  1st in her class of 5. On the next day was the puppy sweepstakes judged by Viki Lawton ("Vikiro") and Best Puppy in Sweepstakes was.... K. Kome Fly With Me.

The next two days are expected to be even hotter than so far so do everyone take care and stay safe. I’m supposed to go for an x ray and to the dentist ( snapped a tooth in half) but I suspect I will be delaying both.

Diana Hudson